Mike said....  

This phony fuckball directed all his imaginary SEAL experience toward get a job changing tires at a Harley shop. What a scumbag. He states in the full version that he's seen all ya'll run when the shit gets hot. How can anyone say that to a real SEAL??? Shameless, disrespectful, belligerent, lying, bastard! I have a dream where he gets his guts stomped out his ass. I mean had.....


D-Rock said....  

Gives us bikers a bad name. Sadly, a lot of the phonies I encounter are with different biker groups, not clubs, we vet our members and run background checks.

Cranky Old Veteran, JD said....  

One of the keys to tracking this fucker, is to maintain contact with the school he attended, because any motorcycle shop he tries to get a job at will make an inquiry to the school, and if the school understands what he did (and there are a lot of veterans teaching there), they will flag his student record. Also, if a convincing letter can be sent to the school, extolling the value of disclosing his employment inquiries to the school, the inquiries are not regarded as protected or private records and they can be turned over to third parties, and those third parties can ensure that his past and potential employers have a very clear understanding of this fools background, and of his stolen valor, so they can keep a very close eye on him.

I am not saying that he needs to get fired or anything, merely that his employers needs to coax him into a lifestyle of sobriety, and teach him not to tease and taunt the SEALs.

RickTKD94 said....  

I asked the New Orleans Harleys Davidson multiple times if this Phony Navy Seal was still employed by your company. After at least 3 weeks of asking. They (NOHD) finally answered me of this phony Navy Seal was still employed. NOHD said in this "NO",
that SOB got his

A.B. said....  

Yes looks like DON checked that out you idiot...Just Say NO....Its not that hard if you served be happy if I was in the service I would want to cook for the guys because I'm good at it and keep the military men/women fed some may life but that would be what I would enjoy doing.
And for the ones of you have served this country MANY THANKS from Andy Bland. I just don't get it though pull your weight but I have never served a day in any branch but I'm not going to lie this country needs some of these retards to wake up.