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When I began exposing Fake Navy SEALs a few years ago I was verifying 2-3 SEAL Imposters a week. As word spread I began checking 2-3 Phony Navy SEALs a day. Today, I currently verify 20-30 Fraudulent SEAL claims each and every single day and often more. When Navy SEALs execute another daring raid like the Somalia Pirates or the Bin Laden raid, the requests to verify go through the roof and I struggle to get through the email, Facebook, YouTube, and phone calls that easily goes over 50 SEAL verifications.

In the end… What started out small and free service for years checking SEAL claims has grown into a demanding and exceptionally time consuming process. The time and investigative costs involved that used to be very minor have now increased significantly.

To obtain a SEAL Verification I require only the following information.

1. First and Last name with a "good" spelling and approximate age. A middle name or a middle initial also helps but is not often necessary... Please don’t call me about a fake. I’ve heard it all and you’ll give me a headache.

Click the below link. Scroll down and click "Fake Navy SEALs," highlight the button marked $20 and then click "Order Now."

NON-Members Payment link:

After payment please send an email with the person in questions name to (Joint Account with my wife "Carol Diane Shipley" and myself) for a prompt verification.

I will provide a detailed verification letter of the person in question NO LATER than 24-hours after receiving the request stating if that person was ever a Navy SEAL or not. I will also provide additional points of contact should you desire a second opinion of my findings. I’ll also provide phone support and advice on dealing with these clowns and we can pull that persons military records through the Freedom of Information Act.

THERE ARE NO CLASSIFIED NAVY SEALS. There are records kept of every man who has ever earned the title Navy SEAL. I can verify any Navy SEAL claim quickly and accurately.

There are NO Navy SEALs needing money sent overseas to bring them home. (Nigerian Scam)

All inquiries are kept confidential and I understand how important "knowing the truth" is. I will also respect a person’s wishes if they want me to take "no further action" about a person in question and just provide the verification. I will not contact anyone involved...

I despise SEAL Imposters. I’m sorry it has come down to charging folks for this information but I have a family and run a business training young men who aspire to become SEALs. I can no longer keep up with the demand of my brothers friend has a sister who’s boyfriends uncle says he was a SEAL.

Charging separates the important requests from unimportant ones and considerably reduces the workload.

Dear Mr. Shipley,
"Thank you so very much for your prompt response. In my heart, I started to question his claims a few years ago, but hearing the truth from a real SEAL and extraordinary man as yourself is the confirmation I needed. I’ve obviously been dealing with a liar and a phony all these years. I’m so disgusted and confused by what this creep has put me and my family through. I hope others will be encouraged to follow their own instincts and request verification of anyone who claims SEAL status. Those who are fakers are not courageous...they are predators who use our trust to further their criminal agendas. That makes them very dangerous men."Sincerely, S."

Mr. Shipley,
Thank you for your heroic service to our country, and thank you and Mrs. Shipley for what you are doing now to expose these frauds. For a person to steal money might be explainable but there is no excuse for any type of "stolen valor" case. These impostors disgust and revolt me. For all you have worked for, gone through and all the sacrifices that you and Carol have made for our country, it is reprehensible for a fake to claim the same exalted status as you. I found your e-mail response to me very professional and informative. You are totally dedicated to the truth and the facts.
I would also like to donate/volunteer my legal services or any type of service to you if you ever need anything in the New York City metropolitan area.
Keep up the great work and thank you for your past service. And Mrs. Shipley, thank you for supporting your husband and running the show while he was routinely called away with no notice for long deployments.

Respectfully, Joseph J.
Attorney at Law
Retired FBI Special Agent 1982 - 2007

Dear Mr. Shipley,
Thank you so very much for your help in this matter and for doing what you have done, what you do, and what you will do for this country and for all of us. My family’s gratitude and prayers go out to you, your Navy SEAL son, and your family.
Most folks believe there is no way to confirm, one doesn’t want to risk questioning a possibly legitimate claim. Thank God for you.
You saved my family. You are a hero. God Bless you.

Thank you so much for your very timely and succinct answer. It is as I suspected; sadly. This is a great service. Not only to protect those who have paid a high price to serve in this capacity, but to preserve and protect the honor of such a distinction. Though this is not your primary purpose, may I say that many people would definitely benefit from knowing surely. I have had 4 other times when someone claimed to be a Navy Seal (one who was engaged to my niece! Yikes!).  These people need to know it is 100% unacceptable to feign such a distinction! I’ll let the drunker bar flies go but people who use it to enhance their business reputation, rise in positions, or other gain of influence, power, or stature should be called out. Thank you again for your service and for your ultimate service in protecting our country. My father was a Marine (as were my uncles and two cousins). We were raised with an incredible respect for the men and women who serve our nation and the costs of which they paid.

Mr. Shipley. This is such great news and upsetting news that he lied to my whole family and friends for years about being somebody he’s not . I can’t say thank you enough for your help. And to be able to show all the people he is a fake. Nobody should get away with impostering a Navy Seal. That is a disgrace for the true ones who have fallen. And thanks to you my father will no longer be able to imposter a Seal. If I need anything else I will be in touch. "B".