IMPORTANT:  If you are informed that your PayPal payment has an issue, please DO NOT SEND A MANUAL PAYMENT to Don and Diane.  PayPal tries again in 5 days, so please just make sure that the payment method on there is valid and current.

1. Phishing Scams / Mail Spam:

We don’t sell or use any personal information in any way.

We (or the site itself) will only contact you in the case of an issue, or because you have said you wanted to receive weekly updates, admin alerts, etc.

2. Account Issues:

When you join Extreme SEAL Videos and sign up for recurring monthly payments, please use one email address that you check frequently and your full name. It makes your account easier for us to locate, and correcting potential problems much faster.

Do not sign up multiple times!

3. Canceling Accounts:

Please don’t cancel your recurring payments on the same day you joined in an attempt to just join for a month.
The billing system is automated by date, and deactivates your account immediately.

If you wish to join for 1 month, please wait at least 24 hours before cancelling the recurring payments.  Your account will then remain active for the rest of the billing period.

To cancel, you need to log into your PayPal, click one of the ESE Videos payments in the history, then click ’View Details’.

Then click ’cancel’ at the top of the payment profile

Your account on the site will terminate at the end of the billing cycle.

NOTE: If you cancel your account there is no way to reinstate it. You will need to have us delete your account, and you must start over and join again.

4. Why are Phony SEAL Videos so random?

Don can only go as fast as 

a) people bring them to his attention (during the pandemic, those dropped off because people weren’t out so much to meet the phonies)

b) time it takes him to research the phony (leafing through facebook, twitter, tiktok, youtube, etc.)

c) time to get the phony’s records back (which is currently slower because of staffing shortage at the records office, plus the woman he had been dealing with for years left)

Right now it can take a month to get all of the ducks in a row. 

As you can see from the PNSotW channel, it can often go a few weeks with nothing, and then there can be 4 videos in 2 weeks.

5. Suspended Accounts / Payment Issues:

If your account becomes suspended for a credit card or account balance issue we can reactivate it on our end once the issue has been resolved.

Just let us know.

6. Video Buffering Issues

Buffering is caused by interruptions to the data somewhere between our server and your device.
Buffering could be cause by:
Congestion on the steps between the server and your ISP - Our server is in Texas, so the further away you are, the more ’relay’ networks (each with their own users taking up bandwidth) the data must pass through
- if it is a ’rush hour’ in between, with people heavily using data, your connection will slow a bit.
Your ISP itself - Possibly, depending on the upload / download speeds you are paying for
^^ Both of these should fix themselves over time
Your home network - Are you wired or wireless? -  Wireless is much slower than being directly connected into the home network

Is anyone else connected at the same time?  for example, streaming Netflix (or similar) or downloading something large.
Your device - depends on the age and processing capability of the device (less likely, but possible)
All you can do is to make sure you’re on a wired connection.  If you are, click play, then pause it until the progress bar is at least 1/2 way across the video.  That should give you enough of a buffer to then watch throughout.

7. I’m signed in but am still seeing the 1 min version

If this happens, firstly check that the ’Members’ link at the top of the page has changed into ’My Account’.

If it hasn’t, you’re not signed in.

If you are definitely signed in (’My Account’ at top of page), and you are on a PC or Mac, hold down SHIFT and click the ’reload’ arrow icon on the video page.

If you are definitely signed in and you’re on a mobile device, clear your browser cache (the browser is showing you an old version)  Google ’clear chrome cache android’ or whatever browser and operating system you are using.

8. What are the Dick Bombs?

If a member posts comments which are either attacking another member, or obviously aimed at being obnoxious, just click the ’dick bomb’ by the side of any of their comments.

If 15 or more members click, the poster will not be able to comment for 5 days.

To remove a dick bomb, just find one of their comments and click it again - if their number goes below 15, they will be able to post again immediately.

Dick Bombs reset to 0 every 60 days

9. RSS Feeds

At the top of the page there is an icon that looks like a wi-fi symbol.  If you go to this it contains a list of the most recent videos.

There is free software from which you can install, and it will let you know as new videos are added.

10. Why are comments disabled on some videos?

To save on database and site loading times, video comments older than 5 videos back are now archived, and not commentable.

This is because the nature of the website is ’rolling over’ - a new video comes out and people move to that video and start commenting.

As such, there was no point leaving older videos commentable - as nobody would see the new comments