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November 10th, 2015 
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In Honor of Veterans Day


Lyle N avatar
Lyle N said....  

Love and respect to all who serve.

Crapitoutjim avatar
Crapitoutjim said....  

I'm from the UK and would just like to say greetings to all of the UK and US armed forces out there. You have our respect and admiration for what you do out wherever you are - THANK YOU!

BlackJack avatar
BlackJack said....  

Love that song!!!

bridgechief avatar
bridgechief said....  

I did not mean to say DA work is the answer, should have said I do not think DA work is the answer.

bridgechief avatar
bridgechief said....  

Fine if they make it they make don't lower the standard and use the Navy Special Program template, and I believe that is what the Navy is going to do. I just think that the DA work is the answer having worked with and supported all of them. I know woman preform well under pressure and when in contact, training is key, but that is for every one today. The other thing is every one needs to get over woman in combat because they are now and have been. There is no in the rear with gear that much in theater depending on your unit and or task force mission every one is in harms way leave the wire and it is game on. So Direct Combat and Direct Combat support. Not front line this or front line that does not really exists any more. The FEBA and FLOT concept is kind of old school.

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