Buz said....  

10oz beers.Man you need a bunch of those and I'll bet there were a bunch! Better luck next time. Fishing.

Lyle N said....  

I hear they are catching striper left and right out here in california.

BradyBoy87 said....  

I haven't been active in a good while on here due to not having much down time but I've been here since the very beginning and even since this site first took off guys like laz, DanO,jimmy2times,waveoff,bridgechief,navyspook and I'm sure there's a bunch I can't remember off the top of my head all got to know each other pretty damn good in the comments. Ive had to change my name and I  used to be Jpbrady87 (I think)  I just wanted to say thanks and I'm very grateful to be apart of this site and to have met so many great people. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to getting together with everyone one day and having a few Pepsi colas by the fire at ExtremeSealAdventures.


Lazarus said....  

US Infantryman is one classy dude!! I asked him for his address to send him a ticket, he said instead scratch it and if its a winner to send half the proceeds to Warriors Rest! So in the spirit of giving, the other one I buy I will give all the winnings to Warriors Rest too!! ( when Ry gets home from school tomorrow, Ill have him record me scratching them and Ill put it up on my wall!) I really hope one of those suckers is 2 million and the odds are only like 1.3m to one!! Lol!! But hey, 25, 30 grand is attainable!! Something fun to do tomorrow!! Ill put it up at 1900 EST!!! Keep smiling- Thanks US Infantrymsn!! Class act all the way!!!


Chuck golf :2/26th mar said....  

Steak. On. The. .... Grill .. !