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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, Patrick 'Tony' Carter, The Dirty Dozen Phony SEAL

November 18th, 2015 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Patrick ’Tony’ Carter, The Dirty Dozen Phony SEAL
Greg Adaline
Fox 8 WVUE New Orleans
Twitter:  @GregAdaline


Jrezky avatar
Jrezky said....  

Who is this guy trying to fool? They didn't tell you what the mission was?? They just dropped you off with a self-destructing tape player or what?

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signalseal avatar
signalseal said....  

this is good storyteller. real sociopath...

sammy0351 avatar
sammy0351 said....  

So... you didn't know your target, objective or mission? So they just had you guys strap up and start wandering? Hell I was a basic infantry Marine and even we knew the basic objective of our missions when we rolled out.... what an asshat.
This guy has gotten got before. Hence the built in protections to his story. He makes sure he said he never attended BUDS because he knows damn well who the chief is, and he won't be able to answer that question. Makes sure he said he was forced to do it and that his entire deployment was a complete mystery, BEFORE he's asked so it looks more natural than defensive.

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USSSHIPLEY said....  

I never saw what happened to the preview of the guy at the end. Don what happened to him? Cant seem to find the call out.

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DerekNoble avatar 04/19/2018

DerekNoble replied....

Did you find it?

Adam25529 avatar
Adam25529 said....  

Reporters have to be the dumbest most naive people alive. Isn't there a rule about checking stuff out? Sources?

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