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Sub Fixed. Class Great. Cat Freaked.

August 30th, 2016 
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Sub Fixed. Class Great. Cat Freaked. MANY THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT.
Home soon...


Much obliged avatar
Much obliged said....  

I'm a new member. Thanks for taking the time to do what u you guys do.

Joe avatar
Joe said....  

Don't rip out the pull cord, forget to prime, flood the engine, jam up the prop in seaweed, break a shear pin, chip a blade or slam it in reverse and you will be golden troops.

tommyguns avatar
tommyguns said....  

I've got no sound

Kickdiesel avatar 09/02/2016

Kickdiesel replied....

turn up your volume?

Christopher avatar
Christopher said....  

PLease give us a little on what happened to Sully and Robbie, I know it is private but we been following this adventure and not to know about some extreme changes and or abrupt turns is torturous. ? Maybe I'm being selfish?

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Irishjrk avatar
Irishjrk said....  

Boy oh boy. If one of those fellas damages one of the boats, well I don't know what senior will do. But something like that could and would bever happen. That would be as silly as putting hydrolic fluid in the transmission of a submar....... I'll stop being so jerky now. (I'm petting an all white cat now like every Bond villain)

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