Phony SEAL Debrief. Part Three

Phony SEAL Debrief. Part Three




This comment is a couple years late however I know a couple things about the TAR program since I was one for 10 years. TAR (Training and Administration of Reservists) is a designation in the US Naval Reserves for active duty members stationed at Reserve Centers and on Reserve Ships. Their records are maintained in New Orleans LA.

Corpsman is a TAR rating so it is possible that Ronnie did have some additional active duty time. What I am unclear about is how he could possibly be medically discharged out of boot camp and still serve in the TAR program. I suspect that he lied about being medically discharged and instead went on to A school as a usnr-tar. Perhaps he didn't want to admit that his active duty time was treating reservists here in the States.

As far as I am aware the only deployment of TAR's into a combat zone was with the mine sweepers deployed to the Persian Gulf during Operation Earnest Will. If he was part of that operation as I was I would suspect he would not need to steal valor so it seems doubtful that he was.

Anyway I really just wanted to mention that TAR was the active branch of the Naval Reserves and as far as I know their records are kept with the Reserve command out of New Orleans LA. for future reference.



one of my grandaughters is in the navy. she is in san diego as we speak, waiting . they deploy in may. she was an exceptional student and had other options open to her.
this was her decision.i see the changes in her, so mature so quickly. i am so proud of her.




That makes sense to me. You two are awesome.



You both show that you have compassion in your heart for the old guy and yes he had cool shit his son was a little shit , as for the teacher he deserved a real kick up the ass All soldiers, sailors , marines and Airforce now days choose to be there to serve how dare he disrespect all the men and women that serve.

No Nick


I'll be damned . You guys made me laugh. You go to bust fake SEALS and kinda fall in love with them LOL. Don you and Diane surprised me. A top notch dive center, lots of great stuff. I must admit I didn't see what happened coming. You guys have great hearts that's on of the many reasons I love Y'all. I have to agree with your approach of not kicking a man when he's down. I was torn at first by the way you were talking about them and their great DIVE center. After thinking about it before posting this comment I thought SC has seen it all . If you have seen dive centers around the world and your complimenting them and their center I should respect your view. I will say this , if he's put so much work into the place and the items there, he should be proud if it. That should be enough without having to drag the great name of the US Navy SEALS into it. Just my two cents worth. I trust your judgement on the place and the people running it.



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Just Google search "Daniel A. Bernath" and look at the results. I advise you to have plenty of popcorn and beverage when you do, there's plenty. :D



Did you ever go back to the fire department and talk to them about Robert and Ronnie?



Huh..still shows that these phonies are human beings...BUT they are still phonies - and these guys have definitely profited off of their lies.



10:55 Correction with the 11:30 time



11:30 end up in military without any proper educations. Yeah this is so bad... In long term is worst than enter without the proper physical strenght condition. Because no one will improve you on papers skills and will result that you will always be send in shitty task with shitty groups with others who already fell like low life speciments inside the uniform service as life trap (Same for all countries). Yeah Don't be that guy!