Phony Navy YEOMAN of the Week. The One Way Mission, Cyanide Capsule Eatin, Special Operations Secretary Flashlight Shiner Dude...


Ran727 said....  

Hi there I’m a new member just had a couple questions. Some of my videos are just audio no video. Is there a quick way to find the in person confrontations? Thank you

Krump said....  

haha retard mix between Solid snake and Forest Gump... haha
21:40 haha that is the thing that I only did right... Haha
Yeah he is also giving a heart attack! 25:18
31:47 Well say He does have nothing to loss... So telling fantasy stuff that is not very a matter of time lost.
Ho well!

rhaskett said....  

I find it hard to believe that during the production of this radio segment that NOBODY did any independent verification of the claims. Does anybody seriously believe that Kennedy was considering blowing up nuclear missile silos 90 miles off the coast of the United States? The only way a pilot could accurately drop a bomb was for someone to be on the ground with a "ray gun" lighting up a missile silo? This doesn't pass the DUH test. We flew 3 helicopters into Cuba and dropped off 3 people 5 miles away from missile silos? With all those Russians troops guarding the missiles? BULLSHIT.

Matt said....  

Freaking remarkable, for the love. lol. Favorite part though there are many, but his comments about breaking some kind of NDA--- I would be facing "life or death, -or both"- if he told anyone---so the Navy would kill him and then send him to prison? lol. MAN that's harccore bro. lol it's like he's really seen beyond on his one secretarial mission lol is it safe to assume most of his shipmates are deceased at this point?Which is why he thinks he's safe to lie like this?  lol Love the cliche call signs --"ghost -thunder-snake," lol How do these people happen? lol---

Madlax said....  

I had to fast forward this, i couldn't take it anymore, i guess im just a little bitch.