LabChic said....  

I really appreciate the fact that you mention narcissistic personality disorder in many of these videos. People, (myself included), often have a hard time understanding or believing that someone could make up outlandish stories, live double lives, etc. To a rational person it makes no sense. But anyone who has ever been the focus of a narcissist (or other aggressive Cluster B) will get a real education if they don't know what to watch for.

You and Diane are doing a public service by shining a spotlight on these creeps and their behavior patterns. Narcissists suck.


Patco Dan said....  

What's your problem with the Air Force Shipley? We're the best lovers around!

11c40m60 said....  


NotSoCommon said....  

The thing that made me join & makes me double mad is that all these "SEALS" diminish not just those in combat & heroes, who are so amazing!, but guys who served (like my dad), even if it wasn't anything glamorous, who just went in and did the job that was asked of them, honorably. I'm proud of you Dad!Sorry for the rant...stay safe out there on the East Coast!


Chuck golf :2/26th mar said....  

Since I ASO Mentioned My Good Friend Redman ....I. Also would Be Remiss If I Didnt Mention U S Infantrymen - Hillbilly. (Steve) In That Walking Wounded Group That Was Down There Also Over 40/Surgerys Im Sure Hes. paying A little For The Wonderful Time We All Had Down At Don And Dianes None Of US World Give Up Anything aFor the Fantastic Time We Had. As Well As The The Fine Company Of Another Marine. Tuefel Hunden ( Herman ) & Our Grateful Benefactor Greg(.  Hope I Guessed Right)  You Couldnt , And Wouldnt Fine A Finer Bunch Of People. Besides Diane & Don That Is