M1Hound said....  

I know this is an old video, which I saw when I first came out. But, my thing is why do these ass wipes continue to fucking lie even after they are presented with all your evidence, Don. I just don't get it. One would think these phony POSes would at least do a little homework and see what it is exactly that Don and Carol actually do and what they are capable of doing. So, fuck faces, all of you, if you don't mind going to prison, losing your job, be embarrassed in front of your friends and fellows at church, club, vet organization and the like just keep on being a SEAL or maybe you want to be a Green Beret, Ranger, Recon, PJ, just to name a few.


Abida Babida said....  

this guy looks like the kinda slob who has a permanent case of plumbers crack


ScarabChris said....  

I can't wait for the when I meet someone that brags about being a SEAL. Being in Ft Lauderdale and a life long boater I'm surprised I haven't come across any Navy guys and SEAL claimers. Only military guy I know personally is my brother in law who is my wife's sisters husbands sisters husband, I know that sounds crazy but he is family. Anyway...he's a former Marine drill Sergent and homicide detective at the local Sheriff Dept. I'll ask him if he knows any "SEAL's". Though I'm sure he would be able to spot a fake.


DerekNoble said....  

I wonder if people pose as Navy SEAL's just to have Don call and crush their balls into powder.

Brian said....  

Late to the party on this video, but he was a SEAL then I was the Chief of Naval Operations running joyops in 1987