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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. The Inbox Aussie.

December 06th, 2016 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. The Inbox Aussie. MANY thanks for the SUPPORT


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No Nick said....  

Nothing wrong with vegemite,or in the UK marmite,honey is made by bees marmite is made by wasps!.

ZUC avatar
ZUC said....  

Haha, Not BrisBane ,Just Brisbane (brisbun) Don ,Like MelBourne (Melburn).
I cant wait to come across a fake as with your Info , one can now punch holes through any Story.
For That I thank You and your constant Stream of info. As for Vegemite , its an acquired taste, the one thing i Know its useful for is for fermenting home brew , Its very High Yeast Content is its claim to fame. If your Ever in Australia Don and Dianne ,Your welcome to stay , We are on the central Coast North of Sydney, Ocean on one side , rural on the other. Im am NOT ex military , but have many family who have served from WW1 to WW2, who gave the ultimate sacrifice so I could live with the freedoms I have today , and for that I am grateful ,as i am grateful to You and ANY others who have served and sacrificed for our lifestyles today.
It sickens me there are people out there that Lie , Cheat and Gain from Yours and anyone elses Service, the ultimate betrayal which puts them as low as Pedophiles in my book. It makes my blood boil ,especially since my family also lost loved ones to ensure our freedoms. I have my Grandfathers medals and his fathers medals and ALWAYS look at them on ANZAC DAY and memorial and Armistance day. Lest we Forget

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papichulo avatar
papichulo said....  

its all chit

Bud avatar
Bud said....  

Don! I dont know about you, but Vegimite was fucking disgusting. One of the Aussie senior chief sonar guy that came onboard our sub had one. I asked if I can try on my toast, had it, spat it back out super quick. I just told him outright that it tasted disgusting as it smelled disgusting. He just chuckled after that and said that us yanks had a peculiar taste.

Lyle N avatar
Lyle N said....  

Yeah, if his nickname was baby Joe, I can imagine him laying on the ground, curled up in a ball, crying like a baby with everyone standing over him laughing! What a dipshit!

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