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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, the Cry Baby SEAL BUSTED

May 16th, 2015 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, the Cry Baby SEAL BUSTED


jimbo avatar
jimbo said....  

Diane is adorable.

RogerRoger avatar
RogerRoger said....  

I ts a hobby to google earth the location of the confrontation......pretty sure this is it.
1125 Lakeshore Dr, Coos Bay, OR
This is a private way, so there is no Google Street view
But the utility lines and other clues make me think its it.....

By the way, to display his Fictitious medals and honors is most likely the predominate reason a scumbag like this attends PGR events. It is a perfect opportunity to display and receive appropriate respect and honor for medals of that level.
If it is true that a man is only as sick as his secrets, Frank must have the HIV, HEPC, and CANCER trifecta.

Given his level of shameless self promotion by literally standing on the graves of of true heroes, .... , it is doubtful that this ass jerk will ever come clean.

Shirkmeister avatar
Shirkmeister said....  

I can understand the bullshitters who never ever served who become fake warriors, but I don't understand all the guys who did serve honorably and should be proud, even if they just showed up and half-heartedly went through the motions, but instead have to get people believing they were the second coming of Rambo. Respect is owed to anyone who ever wore the uniform without disgracing it.

NotASealinVegas avatar
NotASealinVegas said....  

This is my favorite bust! Apparently Frank is still parading around as a SEAL. His story and resume have been updated thanks to Don Shipley's bust. Hell Frank managed to get two more metals and two more Purple Hearts. The cry baby cried all the way to his shadow box for more ebay metal purchases.

Steve avatar
Steve said....  

that guy should have been a politician,,,looks you right in the eye and lies

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