mick said....  

He is really a black african, probably sth african half caste. His inflections are not those of a white sth african, as they are all educated. Some words he says, the accent is of someone whose native language is not english. When he says John, its like its from a US movie. When he says soldier he sounds a bit french. He could be from Guyana and moved to sth africa. Nigeria is also a possibility. "chew are" not "you are" etc.
The longer he speaks, the more french he sounds.
My conclusion given all the above is thats hes really from Mauritius, Mali or similar.

ZUC said....  

I tell you Don ,That guy would have to be the biggest BS artist, as a salesman what he actually said sowed nothing but confusion and doubt using Baffle with Bullshit expressions I haven't heard in awhile.
Listening to the background the "Sales guy was DEF. not Australian and i doubt he was even in Country. I always adhere to tbe K.I.S.S. principle of Keep It Simple Stupid and the more complicated , the more people involved and the more procedures Leaves things open to Mistakes, either thru incompetence or simple relying of others doing their Jobs properly. Hence the So called salesmans Pitch is so full of holes I couldnt Hope to pan a gram of gold from his "Creek" (so called information) full of shit.

PizzaParker said....  

As a fellow Australian, I can indeed confirm that this guy's accent isn't even remotely close to Australian. Also, if he wanted to pretend he was a military he could've claimed to be a part of the SASR or TAG but he chose to pretend he was a SEAL...


BayAreaDeckApe said....  

Dunny= toilet?

Tom said....  

He said " nothing come easy" not, comes easy...Africans grammer is a bit rough easy giveaway