Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. STEVEN JAY PERRINO. The I failed to Dupe Don Shipley Phony SEAL.

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. STEVEN JAY PERRINO. The I failed to Dupe Don Shipley Phony SEAL. PART TWO Tomorrow.
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Don, don't know if you read comments, but, I wanted to let you know something. No truer words have been said, when you talk about Starlings. That is exactly right. That is all a Starling knows, and understands, is violence. I don't like killing anything. But I've never had a problem with a person like you, who eats, what he kills. But the first time I go out to my backyard each morning, to feed the birds and the cottontail rabbits that inhabit my backyard, which I love? If I see a Starling? I can't get to my pellet gun fast enough. These birds don't even get along with each other, much less other birds. I watched a video on YouTube, where a guy who kills them all the time, shows exactly how they truly treat each other. It's amazing. They actually kill each other!! For no reason!! To me, they are demons, with power drill beaks. I'll try to post a picture or 2 of my backyard.

It's so tranquil. The bunnies live in holes they made, in the sagebrush above my lawn. I have cut railroad ties, that protect the lawn from the sagebrush. I have a TON of Quail, Squirrels, and Cottontail bunnies that live in there. Not to mention, the Dove, and other really cool birds that come by to eat each morning and late afternoon. There are 2 Scrub Jays, along with 2 Grey Jays, that not only come when I call them. They actually land on my hand, pick up a peanut, or piece of bread, and either take off to eat or bury it, or stay on my hand to eat. Coolest feeling in the world. In fact, they know where I sleep in my house, and if I'm not on their time, they go by my window, and squawk like hell, until I go downstairs to feed them.

The bunnies by the way, started showing up, right after my father passed away. Yes, I believe in Christ, and I don't give a shit, if anyone agrees with my belief or not. I see it as a sign, that my dad's at rest and in heaven.



A PLASTIC OWL FROM WALMART....Starlings will run for the hills!



Looks like you need a 3pt tiller!



Put a knife to her throat? Call the cops AND go to the court and get a DV-TRO.



As your popularity grows bigger and bigger, your Fanbase is going to go from people really interested in military type activity ( normal people) , But the bigger your Fanbase gets, the cracks are bigger, and the idiots are able to seap through the cracks. I believe you and Diane are dealing with the overwhelming growth quite well. Keep up the good work. As for Those weirdos seeping through the cracks, I'm sure you know they are just trying to gain some notoriety hopefully off your coat tails. Anybody worth two shits is going to smell that a mile away, and your Fanbase will remain loyal to you guys and shit on the turd birds that seep through



This from Navy Times Photo of the day. I usually do not post military photos outside my skill set and or Military Community, (NECC) but this is for Waveoff. I did do some Blasting training at China Lake, we have a big school there. F-18 flying over China Lake training area.






Should I feel bad that I think it's fucking wonderful Mrs. Allen Greenspan (a.k.a. Andrea Mitchell) got called out by the Russian Foreign Minster on world-wide television for asking "who gave you your manners"? Bitched Slapped! lol




Let me summarize the last couple days in the MSM. What they missed is the Lion kicking the Bear in the balls while the Panda went running away as fast as he could with his tiny tail tucked between his ass cheeks. That about it. Trumped!




The girls just got a grooming...


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