JC said....  

This guy is such a tool - We also play Airsoft - operative word being play. It's also to spend time with my son outdoors but I make it clear that it's pretend and nothing about the uniforms, guns, tactics, ranks or whatever scenario they come up with is real in the Open Games. There are some MilSims that take place but those are usually staged as re-enactment of real events, not sure how the ranks, units and other stuff is determined, haven't played one of those. We both enjoy it but we don't have any expertise around any Military Tactics and so forth. People like this person give the Airsoft community a bad name since it is something we civilians do for fun - yes it's competitive but the guys and gals know it's all for show. Idiots like this dude go around claiming to be what he is not gets owned usually on the field because people are not stupid , they can see you don't know your stuff and then we mark that person and take them out - all be it with plastic BB's Anyways - this is not about Airsoft but just wanted to state that it irks me personally when someone like this claims this nonsense and then also ruins it for the rest of us just trying to have fun. We are out here in South Africa - haven't had anybody claim to be a SEAL (Would have been real strange to begin with...) but we have had some idiots claiming to be some important Army Member or Special Forces or something. I started following Senior Chief because we have no idea of the extend of this problem. Sad Part is there is no Stolen Valor laws here, at least that I know of.

DickDerby said....  

I Identify as a navy SEAL lol

Hogan said....  

"Airsoft team" WTF...

Lyle N said....  

Let him have it SC!

wulfric said....  

So basically if you know a SEAL that makes you one. LOL!