Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Part Two. The SEAL SWCC Combat Rescue Purple Heart Haver Guy. Christos Tsiaklides

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Part Two. The SEAL SWCC Combat Rescue Purple Heart Haver Guy. Christos Tsiaklides. Many THANKS for the SUPPORT.




This turd is claiming that he was assigned to the Boxer, but thereafter yanked off, run through these Spec War courses, deployed all over the world, got wounded, buddies dying in his arms, having to drink day old coffee, etc etc. You look at Don's record and it says Boot camp, this ship or that one, then BUDS, SST, team 1, 2, etc etc, but CHRISTOS' records just show him being on the Boxer despite the fact that he was actually here and there and everywhere. NOW he finds himself in the position of having to get credit for these duties despite the fact that his records show he was riding a ship instead of saving the day in the middle east. I guess he and his "team" are like the forgotten Spec Operators, lost to history, their great deeds going unrecognized because they were yanked off a ship and run through this training and these deployments without going the usual route that would have been recorded. Its a great story, and as long as he NEVER admits it, his wife will have reason to believe him, and that reason is the time she has invested in supporting him. "Is it POSSIBLE that he was ripped out of his rates....." Well, in the same way that its POSSIBLE an elephant can stand on a tulip without crushing it, sure. But it didn't happen. Drug seekers dig and gouge holes in themselves for pain meds ALL the time, so I have no doubt he carved on himself, went to an appointment: "Oh, doc, I think a piece of that IED is working its way out, help me out here" and they yank a piece of metal from a self-inflicted wound, and he says to his wife: "Remember, you were there when they removed that metal...." Normal people are never quite prepared for how far a GENUINE CON will go to further his case and his lie. Sure he wakes up nights screaming, his wife hugs him and cries with him until the demons of the night go away. Meanwhile the closest to combat he ever got was getting booted from a bar. The system is EASILY frauded, and therefore it gets frauded because people lie, they cheat and they steal. When you meet someone who has been there and done that, whatever it is, their story is not this multifaceted tale of twists and turns, and exceptions to the rule. The records have him on the Boxer, but he was really HALO'ing into over FIFTY countries and putting in work; yeah that makes sense, I am sure it is so the Navy never has to acknowledge what he was REALLY doing. I saw that movie too. He almost sounds like he believes it; those are the BEST liars; this guy could probably pass a poly, or at least not fail one, because he LIVES this horse shit. I feel for his wife. I suspect she DOES help him in this fraud, but I doubt she ever intended to do so. At this point its easier for her to believe him than even consider its bullshit.

Sandhill Grunt


I second that Don. I wish you would go after the douchebags that that try and claim shit they don't have, but you would be working 24 hours a day. That being said, there are other douchebags that charge vets to try and help them get their rating increased. Vets trying to rob the VA and other vets robbing them to help them try and rob the VA. Fuck all these pricks. It makes me sick to my stomach...




SUP surfer


It’s sad as there are many deserving vets who can’t get the help from the VA and these clowns 🤡 are working and manipulating the system with lies.



So sad, he's got his wife so far up his ass. What a disgrace. Hopefully she opens her eyes and gets the fuck out while she still can.



The V.A. and people who do stories on so called "combat" vets need to do their homework! Look up the background of these people.

Flex Steel


Fake ass phony mouthy little bitch love to slap his teeth out for Don




Think that dog has a little golf cart ptsd... lol




These guys are stressing u out man. Breeath. Go shoot some ducks. Lol or listen to thst dog yap some more.



The first part of this video is the realest shit ever. Pay attention

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