Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK. Part 1-JAMES HOSKINS the Pumpkinhead SEAL.

Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BUSTS Phony Navy SEAL James Hoskins of Minster, Ohio.

Mr. Shipley, thank you for taking my request to verify what I believe to be a fake Navy SEAL.  This guy is posting on Facebook and I am sure other websites saying he was a Navy SEAL and was discharged after a HALO jump gone wrong and is now on disability from it.  He then apparently went to work for Blackwater.

His Name:  James Hoskins
Hometown:  Brookville, Ohio
Current Town:  Minster, Ohio
Age:  Mid 30’s (I believe he graduated from high school in 96)
Phone number (posted on facebook) 937-710-3008
Business Phone: 419-628-6015
Facebook page:
He is the President/CEO of Hoskins International LLC out of Minster Ohio

To verify any Navy SEAL claims visit




" He was having a hard time in Jump School..." The hardest thing in Jump School is deciding what to do on the weekends.



Where are the videos of him busting people in person?

Abida Babida


He didnt train Mike Murphy. I know that cause I trained Mike Murphy. I also trained Eddie Murphy and even Audie Murphy. You wont find any of that information cause my records are all classified and kept at Area 51 under lock n key.





(October 2016) A former Minster man involved in a four-hour standoff with law enforcement on May 3 has been sentenced to 180 days in Auglaize County Jail and five years of community-control sanctions.
James Hoskins, 38, was charged with a fifth-degree felony of inducing panic and was sentenced on Wednesday by Judge Frederick Pepple in Auglaize County Common Pleas Court. -



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Like they say in Vegas, " go big or go home", lies when the truth sounds better... The only thing he doesnt claim is a stint as President...shitbird.



Very interesting case example this one Hopkins fellow. As a fake NAVY Medical Officer Psychiatrist Corps, you immediately see he is suffering from delusional thinking, in so much that it would appear his whole life to this point, his marriage, his self esteem from being Service Connected, (if he truly is 100) It would be for being (Unemployable) at most. It could be that it was a missed personality disorder in recruiting, then a fake or feigned injury or real injury, was used in proving his case for Compensation. Mr. Hopkins most likely told this fiction about himself once, maybe as long ago while in the NAVY to his family? Not being in Coronado and at Camp Pendleton Compass Course suck dick end of first phase fuck, with ACU-5 may have seen, worked with, visited during exercise in Coronado? Yaddaddda. So the lie becomes his everything as an addiction of sorts, and as a way to 'shore up,' what little self esteem he truly must have. ((Cowards Die Many Times Before their actually death)) O.K. so from a Clinical applicavioria, his DD-214 he was a HM 'A' school grad, served less than 4 years, shows no sign of every going to BUD/S, but was introduced, maybe he failed the screening test like when I took it at Orlando, swim 500 yards side or breast, 2 mile run in boon dockers under 15 minutes and 30 pushups 30 situps 10 overhand pullups. What I am saying is, either way the man is delusional. Much like a cocaine addict or food addict or hoarder, enough would have to take place, in that his control over his world, his world of lies and fabrications, like a VA Behavior Health Group that knew for sure just what he did do in the service because they really just rely on what he is service connected for and not weather unless combat action is a PTSD diagnosis. He would need a forum with his wife, his mother, his bar of drinking friends who he performs in front of, or arcade he hangs out with SEAL Team shit devices on or whatever. Mr Hoskins I want to help you, a lead Psychologists must begin with the psychiatrist present. He must be brought out of this fictitious life he is living by his own, inner desire to end it! To come clean as in the case of Bernie Madoff's PONZI Scheme. Mr Hopkins has for sure mental illness of sorts, major depression would most likely be the initial driving reason, along with it going on so long there is no going back in his mind. Sailor Shipmate Hopkins Thank You for your service to our Country as a USN Sailor, whose first and only DUTY Station other than Training and Bootcamp was ACU-5. I am betting you want to end this, like a Hoarder, or a Pill addict, or Gambler, or born with low self esteem or born with the gene for Bipolar disorder. You deep down inside know son. Honor, watch the movie HONOR on NETFLIX about the first black NAVY DIVER. Ask yourself Mr Hopkins do you want this world of bullshit lies and DisHonor on going? Will you lose your wife? It would not only be the start of understanding and finding out who you really are, and not an Astronaut Like I once told as a four year old I was to a neighbor and demanded I was a real one. Call this real SEAL Mr Shipley and when he says explain to me why? Tell him so it gets put up on video to clear your name, even though you have nothing to lose, no job, no career, and I am sure your pig wife who you most likely would not be with, and be with someone better if you would help yourself get well. This Don Shipley is not only making an avenue for fakes like yourself who are sick in the kind of medicine I treat, but could help many others. In fact I would be it would impress a real retired SENIOR CHIEF, E-8. Start by respecting those who died in service and think how that really makes you feel inside? You get $3300 a month tax free and maybe even SSD? You spend so much energy keeping up the lie it will destroy you in so many ways you may not understand. Reality! It is in you somewhere! God has a Man of Honor wasting his life to do this BECAUSE IT IS WRONG, AND MEANS MUCH MORE HORRIBLE DANGEROUS THINGS ABOUT THAT PERSON! Do the right thing before its too late to matter.



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