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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, Michael Skogg, the Kettle Bell Dude.

May 20th, 2015 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week, Michael Skogg, the Kettle Bell Dude.

I went after Mike as soon as we landed in Portland but he wasn’t there. Our timeline didn’t allow for another run at him.

Mike asked me to re-visit the hard work he was going to do to remove the SEAL/Special Forces claims. I can’t see that Mike accomplished JACK SHIT so I’ll help him along a bit.

Thanks for the support...


Scooby doo avatar
Scooby doo said....  

No sound ?

Kodabear12 avatar
Kodabear12 said....  

That guy just keeps making excuse after excuse makes me mad

The bearded swine  avatar
The bearded swine said....  

Good to hear the Special Boat Service (SBS) get a mention. As a Brit all we hear about is the Special Air Service (SAS) which were propeeled to the forefront of every fantaststs lips after the 1982 Iranian Embassy Siege when 15-16 terrrorits were killed and all hostages rescued infront of the cameras as the siege had been going on for days. Soon as they kiloed a histage ans dropped the body out front the SAS rappel down from the roof blew the windows etc. You can see the videos on YouTube as to how good you Tier 1 guys are. No one mentions the SBS and cos the SAS is nore known theyll get the crefit for anything the SBS does but those guys are just as good. New subscriber been binge watching these busts. Don & Dianne you do great job. Much love and respect from UK

JWHNYCLI  avatar
JWHNYCLI said....  

Amazing story and so pathetic the lies these people live....absolutely PATHETIC and god bless you for smoking them out!

Combat-corpsman avatar
Combat-corpsman said....  

I was a combat medic, in my opinion the only folks in the navy who are more bad ass than combat corpsmen are NAVY SEALS in my opinion. So when some duffus pretend to be a Navy seal it hurts me also. They take away my bragging rights because they try to one up me with a lie. My home is open to you and your wife if you ever need a place to stay when you got business in Georgia. We got an extra room and you can save money on hotel cost.

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