ColbyInCalifornia said....  

Man this one really sucks. This makes me so mad.

NotASealinVegas said....  

Here is a you tube link to a video with this clown. They keep deleting my messages. Anyone else want to go blow this guy up on the mesages.

Walton's Warriors - A Peer Mentorship Program
Walton's Warriors - A Peer Mentorship Program

Tinman said....  

This motherfucker makes me sick! I’m an Army combat veteran with service connected injuries, one of them is a TBI. I had to purchase and am training my own service dog because of fuckbags like this. God please put me in the same room as this douche, I promise by the time I walk out of the room he will truly have a TBI....


NotASealinVegas said....  

Boy did I find this clown online. This clown is living it up in retreats embellishing his bull shit stories in Project Sanctuary retreats as a fake combat counselor. Look up Walton's Warriors on youtube or Project Sanctuary. Can you imagine trying to help a real suffering vet with bullshit lies about killing people and missing looking at their faces as he snipes them. Talk about making a mockery of PTSD therapy and of the vets. Every 65 minutes a vet commits suicide and this clown is lying to vets about his fantasy combat sniper stories. Pathological liar!

NotASealinVegas said....  

Believe it or not you actually get PTSD from making up stories of being in combat as a SEAL. Harville is a prime example. His thurst for killing as a chow hall sniper has caused him PTSD.