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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. MELVIN KENT FLECK

February 09th, 2015 
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Don Shipley BUSTs multiple SEAL Imposters. MELVIN FLECK from Cincinnati, Ohio  and Toledo, Ohio, (Mugshot Boy in the video) has a LENGHTY criminal record of drug trafficking and aggravated theft. MELVIN KENT FLECK DOB: 05/04/1964 "AKA" KENT FLECK "AKA" MELVIN KENDALL FLECK. Melvin has somehow managed to dupe a decent guy into believeing the he (Melvin) led the raid to kill Bin Laden among other things and is ripping him off for big money...

Melvin Fleck claims the following:

- To be The Actual SEAL Team Leader of the Mission to Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan

- During said mission, he sustained severe injury. He claims he fell from the helicopter during Team extraction when it collided with compound wall. Since it was a "Stealth Helicopter," he claims his body contains "stealth" shrapnel fragments. These stealth fragments are supposed to be so sophisticated, they defy conventional medical detection, that he must be treated at Classified VIP Hospitals around the world, such as in Germany and an underground VIP facility at Wright Paterson Air Force Base

- Claims the Administration is punitively withholding millions, & possibly billions, in compensation due him, and his team members, because they did not support the Incumbent in the last election

- He claims to report directly to former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and speaks with her frequently as an Advisor. 

The explanations are always outlandish, often containing instances of supposed sabotage. They are also clandestine, and therefore, non-verifiable.

Melvin Fleck claims a recently promotion to Admiral. He further claims a great desire for immediate retirement from military service. However, he is so "vitally needed" by our gov’t for further planning of Black Ops Missions, his wishes are being ignored by those in Command.

Melvin can be reached at 937-789-5203 or 937-789-5204. Tell him Don Shipley says HELLO...

I WILL see Melvin back in Prison... I’ll make sure of that...

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