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Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK. JOHAN KILDRIDGE HARRISON. Denver, Colorado South African Phony

November 30th, -0001 
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Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BUSTS JOHAN KILDRIDGE HARRISON AKA John Harrison and John Huntington from Atlanta, San Diego, Golden, Evergreen and Denver Colorado. Claiming to be a Navy SEAL Commander and Admiral and is using his military status to give credibility to high end business deals in CO.

Has a Navy SEAL tattoo over left chest. Claims son is a Navy SEAL and often claims his son was killed in Afghanistan. A con man looking to build financial relationships and use his Phony SEAL career as credibility.

He says he was in South Africa Special Ops and was approached by CIA 25 years ago to work in US Special Ops.  He claims to have been at Chris Kyle’s funeral and there when he knocked out Jesse Ventura. He said he blew up his log after Hell Week in training.

Claims he is business partners with Roman Abramovich from Russia in many deals.  He is working that angle to create business deals here in CO.

He is currently driving a BMW 650/convertible--GEORGIA license plates--BUK 5427
He is claiming that he is currently living at 1551 LARAMAR Condominiums in LODO/Denver, CO.
His current phone number is 949-607-9612, Twitter nanooch08, Downrange50.

Lurks at ’The Hideaway Bar’ in Golden, CO...
Claims he is in the process of buying the ’Denver Bronco’s/NFL football team with a wealthy Russian millionaire by the name of Roman Abramovich. 
He also claims that he is in a huge $$$ deal with Mr. Abramovich to buy the Denver Ritz Carlton as well.
He has also claimed that he has an office in the DENVER TECH CENTER area that he is working out of now.
Lurking/living at the ’Ritz Carlton’ in Denver at this time.

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