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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Joel Scott Kleyla

March 13th, 2015 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Joel Scott Kleyla
I’ve spoken to Joel Scott Kleyla AKA Amy J. Kleyla by phone about his SEAL claims of bayonets, purple hearts and gulf war illness. He denied everything and blamed it on his wife, that she made up those stories.

 5-years of service and not a single award for the Gulf War...

He was a Seabee, a UT (Utilitiesman) in the Navy... Never a SEAL.

He infiltrated a woman group on Facebook and threatened to beat a few of
them with baseball bats. That’s how I first got involved with his lumpy ass.
Googling 'amy3588' brings up DOZENS of the worst porn sites on the internet with his frequent claims and postings.

He’s a very strange person...


Brain avatar
Brain said....  

What a nut. Loved it. Great sense of humor sir/ma'am whatever...

nbattistone avatar
nbattistone said....  

Hahahahaha well done, sir. I mean, maam. Well done!!

Jazzofrazz avatar
Jazzofrazz said....  

Hahahahaha worth the $10 right there to see Don getting dolled up.

gabson avatar
gabson said....  

Donna, you are truly the prettiest girl at the ball.

BoyScout avatar
BoyScout said....  

I could say lots of things here for a caption . . . oh, hell. Why does Heather have two mommies? Diane, is that your ugly step sister? Don, retirement has been rough, huh? I could hear this at one of Don's Seal Team reunions: Don, you haven't changed one bit. And finally: Have you gained weight? Something is different. People live longer that can laugh at themselves. This is worth the subscription.

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