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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week Jay Kerwin of Bootcamp LA

February 09th, 2015 
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Los Angeles- Retired SEAL Senior Chief Shipley BUSTS fake Navy SEAL, Jay Kerwin of Bootcamp LA. I asked Jay to come clean about his claims publicly, and Jay told me he could not do that as it would be bad for business.

Don says:

Jason/Jay was asked to remove his claims of being a Navy SEAL and fully qualified Air Force Pararescue and he did not explaining “That would be bad for business.”

Jay, while fit and motivating to his clients, has mislead them into believing he’s something he’s not for profit and his claims have escalated over time with no end in sight that now includes book writing.

Jay should have been content sharing his fitness techniques and leaving out the part about his service in the Air Force Pararescue that amounted to NOTHING  but being discharged as an E-1.

If Jay would like to challenge me I’ll be happy to tell his complete story. Too many legit SEALs and Pararescuemen have sacrificed much, and many killed, while Jay enjoys telling stories to his clients.…


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Seadog said....  

"LUCKY 7" ...... Did anyone catch the typo on the above 'alexarnold' link's landing page? Seventh word in the description...."Attention to detail" ?!?!

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Kay11C30 said....  

what a fuggin pud.

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Abida Babida said....  

so did i understand that correctly? This guy spent most of his time in the air force as a prisoner in multiple military and federal correctional facilities?

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Abida Babida said....  

this guy is a real piece of shit

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War Bear said....  

What horse shit.
500 started PJ indoc? 500.... PJ indoc classes are WAY smaller than 500. I believe perhaps 7 graduated as they have about a 5 percent pass rate....but thats for the entire PJ pipeline. about 30 percent pass the 8 weeks of Indoc/watercon. The other 25 percent get weeded out or fail the other 2+ years of PJ pipeline.

Also, this motherfucker is giving out fucking Ranger Tabs to these students?!?!? What the fuck is that bullshit?!?!

My fucking head is going to explode on this one.

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