Ghostface said....  

I fill dumber now

Combat-corpsman said....  

he might have escaped from a loony bin somewhere

Whitty said....  

I got him beat! I joined the Girl Scout SEALs when I was six!

DevilDoctorFMF said....  

I get having issues with records. After I got out of the Marine Corps, I joined the Navy and made it all the way to NAVET/OSVET at Great Lakes when they told me the Marine Corps didnt fully release me from IRR and I cant get an ID card or pay until they do. I didnt get paid for my first 3 months in the Navy and I wasnt a recruit so didnt get everything given to me and I couldnt eat at the chow hall without an ID. All I had was $200 worth of recruit money cards that could only be used at the PX. Then I had a hard time getting some of my Marine Corps ribbons and medals merged with my Navy records. This guy though...either it was a practical joke someone paid him to try and play on Don or he is mentally ill or a scammer. Everything he said was retarded. I loved Dons response. Oh so St. Louis didnt have a record of you? Yeah thats because you never served. I almost pissed myself. Im addicted to this site

Jrezky said....  

The US military needs to start 'em young if we want those highly-disciplined teenager Generals!