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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. James the Strange Guy.

February 13th, 2015 
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Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley discusses with James of Texas that he’s nuts.

James is nuts.

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DevilDoctorFMF avatar
DevilDoctorFMF said....  

I get having issues with records. After I got out of the Marine Corps, I joined the Navy and made it all the way to NAVET/OSVET at Great Lakes when they told me the Marine Corps didnt fully release me from IRR and I cant get an ID card or pay until they do. I didnt get paid for my first 3 months in the Navy and I wasnt a recruit so didnt get everything given to me and I couldnt eat at the chow hall without an ID. All I had was $200 worth of recruit money cards that could only be used at the PX. Then I had a hard time getting some of my Marine Corps ribbons and medals merged with my Navy records. This guy though...either it was a practical joke someone paid him to try and play on Don or he is mentally ill or a scammer. Everything he said was retarded. I loved Dons response. Oh so St. Louis didnt have a record of you? Yeah thats because you never served. I almost pissed myself. Im addicted to this site

Jrezky avatar
Jrezky said....  

The US military needs to start 'em young if we want those highly-disciplined teenager Generals!

element235 avatar
element235 said....  

I was so classified that when i look in the mirror their was no one their this asshole can we lynch these mother fuckers

Sandifer avatar
Sandifer said....  

Aliens from the planet Turdotron abducted his records

Wasp avatar
Wasp said....  

Shipley is not a uncommon name , on my last ship my buddy last name was Shipley and we party when he made bm1.

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