Phony Navy SEAL of the Week Dumbass Award. The Team Eight, 234 Phony.

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week Dumbass Award. The Team Eight, 234 Phony. MANY thanks for the SUPPORT.




I wanna demolition class from you. Sounds like a blast... Blast. Ha! I crack myself up!



Can someone in the militarty,thank you for your swrvice, please dear God explain to me why these phonies all not only make this s*** up but they go so f****** Beyond The Pale that right away everybody knows it's fake. Why wouldn't they just say yeah I'm a seal learn the facts and kind of just go with the fact that they never really did anything and we're out in like 2 years. Why is it that every one of these m************ended up saving 67 kids on some secret crazy f****** mission where they only had a knife and a toothpick to use. They claim motherfuking Navy Stars, bronzr Stars, silver stars, purple hearts, so they end up sticking out like a sore thumb. I mean I really don't understand they give themselves away you think they just kind of make it out to be not that big of a deal like they barely saw action but still take the credit for being a seal so they could fly under the radar for longer. I'm not saying I condone any of it I think it's absolutely f****** awful. I am saying it is counterintuitive to there evil little cause. I love Don's videos I think they're entertaining and I think it's very important work but I just don't understand that one fact. I thought watching after five hundred of these videos I would understand but I still don't. Why would you claim at all something you didn't do it makes absolutely no sense but especially then act like you were Rambo and Terminator put together. I thought maybe somebody with the military background may be able to explain this to me. Thanks Don Dianne for what you do and anybody who can hopefully explain this to me. Thanks



Once again. These guys watch to many youtube videos. But dont pay attention to detail! Dumb fucks



Soooo... I am really bad with names and dates, and was just a lonely Tech assigned to MCD2, picking up ITC 30 days after getting there. Did 2 deployments with a JTF in IRAQ, and then did a EUCOM deployment while attached to SEAL Team 8, and oddly enough, I do remember who was the CO and CMC (they went on to run NSWG2).

I remember them because it was an Honor and Privilege to work with some of the greatest people in the military. That was back in 2010, if I remember correctly. The tour with NSW from 2007 - 2011 was the highlight of my career because of these great men.

I retired in 2014, and I still remember them...

Don, you have my utmost respect for what you are doing, and your wife is truly an awesome and beautiful person. Keep doing what you're doing, Brother.




good job Don love this site



Senior, Does any of these guys ever admit right up front that they were lying or do they all try to lie regardless. I knew a guy named Paul Rock who was a Firefighter for the City of Lakewood, WA. I had left that department and went to the City of Tacoma but I had met him and got to know him anyway. He was always a smug bastard who constantly told the heroic stories of his days as a U.S. Nave SEAL and his service in Viet Nam. I had no reason to doubt him. That was around 1982. No internet. Years later, I was surprised to hear that one of the guys on his department used the internet to check him out. Or perhaps to have you or someone with the access to check him out. This would have been sometime around 2005. Ya, he was never a Navy SEAL. Just a f-ing liar who had nothing to be smug about. I haven't seen him in years or since I found out that it was all a pack of lies so I never confronted him about it. I will if I ever do run into him again. I'm retired now and I assume he is as well. He was a fleet sailor I guess (if he wasn't lying) but the Navy SEAL stuff was all bullshit. It amazes me how these dip-shits think in the day of mass information and the internet, that they can get away with this. It's not only immoral, it is highly unethical. I just subscribed to your channel. You deserve all the followers you can get for doing this work. Just one other question, if I may. I have seen the 3 minute clip of you approaching people on your road trips. Are those videos in the making, as I can't locate them on this website. I realize how much work it is to shoot and edit videos as I have a small Youtube channel. Hopefully those will be up soon. I'm looking forward to seeing them. God Speed, and thank you for your service then and now.




LOL - at least get your story straight...
everything is not, on your DD214... Loser



Youre content is addicting, you say you will watch between two & three videos. Next thing you know your 10+ deep & it being past 12am. God bless you.
From a thankful Canadian




what a fuck tard. Its real popular to pretend to be a hero.



Ah he was Puerto Rican or Mexican with a mustache.....


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