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Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK. DEVIN DAVIS the SEAL Trident Tattoo Clown

November 30th, -0001 
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Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BUSTS DEVIN DAVIS from Kokomo, Indiana. Devin began Tweeting SEAL stuff to former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert and I was alerted to it. I was at SEAL Team TWO with Joel and he didn’t know who that clown was.

Devin quickly began deleting his SEAL shit but I already had it. He forgot about
"Devin Davis Kokomo, Indiana, United States
former Navy Petty Officer! I wear my Trident with pride and forever! I’m just striving to be a better man."

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CrockettVice avatar
CrockettVice said....  

Looks like no video, but lucky for all of us, this one's up on YouBoob. Thanks, Don!

Hogan avatar
Hogan said....  

What an asswipe, in my Plt if you were still called a boot and went out and got a big eagle globe and anchor or one of those death before dishonor. You had to walk the gaunlet and get your shit pinned by everyone in the Plt. These fuckers lie when the truth sounds better.

Ed avatar
Ed said....  

Only audio

Dok avatar
Dok said....  

This might be my favorite. I wish I could have found a woman so devoted to me as Diane is to you. This is worth every dollar. You two are a rare couple. Congratulations for sticking together.

breezyjr avatar
breezyjr said....  

No video... Audio only...

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