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Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK... Carter Hays. Fake Fraud Phony Military Impostor

November 30th, -0001 
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Phony Navy SEAL and Fitness Guy Carter Hays is our Phony SEAL of the Week.

About a year ago, one of the guys I mentored asked me to name check this guy, and of course he is not on the list of BUD/S graduates. I checked his Facebook page and couldn’t find any claims of being a SEAL so I dropped it and forgot about it.

I went into XXXXXXXXXXXXXX  this morning and thought I recognized this guy but wasn’t sure. A bit later one of the instructors asked me if I knew the guy in the lobby that claimed to be a Navy SEAL.  This phony said he was at ST-2 from 1976-1980.

Here is some of my research on this guy:


SixFive avatar
SixFive said....  

Why wasn’t this guy called? He’s in my neck of the woods; I just looked him up, and he’s still going strong in the personal training biz. I didn’t see anything about him being a SEAL though, so I guess he took it down.

Joe avatar
Joe said....  

I am glad I didn't have a drink when you guys spit yours out...I'da been looking at a short-circuiting keyboard!

element235 avatar
element235 said....  

Don please let me skin Carter hayes I can roll his skin down his legstoo many beers huh

Remford avatar
Remford said....  

Never trust a person with two last names.

NWTopCop avatar
NWTopCop said....  

Dear Don,
This is Elmer T. Bushbottom again, Former Navy Seal (Not SEAL). ::arf! arf! flippers flapping:: Let me clear up some confusion about my former friend and colleague, Carter Hays. While I can not attest to whether or not he is a former SEAL, I CAN attest to the fact that he is a veteran rotund dancer at Chippendale's for the Blind...formerly known as the Chunkendales. Carter lost an impressive 140 pounds after he quit his involvement in the Evelyn Wood Speed Eating Course videos. He now dates Marie Osmond, of Jenny Craig fame. That's me on the left, in the yellow onesie, standing next to Carter, wearing hot pink. I've gained weight since this picture was taken. I now have my own zip code, and get group rates at movie theaters. At any given time, I am standing in at least two time zones.  When I stand on the 25 cent scale in the Love's Convenience Store men's rooms, a message comes out saying, "You owe me $2.75." I hope this helps.       Hungrily,   Your Friend Elmer

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