Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Car Salesmen, a Trilogy of Phony SEAL Clowns

Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BUSTS a trio of Car Salesmen claiming to be Navy SEALs for employment and to impress and they haven’t EARNED IT.

The WORST is DARRIAL KOUHOUT, a snively little shit and I’ve got a big surprise for Darrial the next time he has whines about this video. Darrial Kouhout Detail Manager 845-339-3333 ext: 332

Michael William’s of Nevada, Texas is a Phony SEAL who sells cars at
Mike can be reached at 903.252.2296.

Finally is ERNIE/ERNEST LIVESAY. I was sent Ernie’s on-line resume a while back and attached below.

Ernest R. Livesay
32 Stoneridge Dr.
Ringwood, NJ 07456

I’ll verify any Navy SEAL claim with just a good spelling of that persons name sent through,


SUP surfer


This is one of your funniest ones that I have watched. This guy lies so much, he has to be a great used car salesmen. Keep busting those phonies.



"ohhhh some good buddies...." --Then proceeds to name zero of them LOL



Dear Sr. Chief Shipley: I found this particular video of especial interest, I'd thought it one of your most complex depictions. I'd also thought to send you the above link, as you'd mentioned about there being no USMC participants in USN SEAL BUD/S, I'd seen material on the USMC combat diver program, and thought that might possibly make a worthwhile video, if only for sake of comparison, of course. However, the video link above here is about a program I'd read of to apparently allow USCG participants in USN SEAL BUD/S, though I'd also read the program may apparently no longer exist, although I'd seen a site mentioning there'd apparently been at least two USCG grads from the program, at least from what I'd seen. If you might also possibly consider a separate video devoted to that aspect, I merely thought it might also be of interest, as with a video on comparisons between the USMC combat diver program, as well as USN SEAL BUD/S, as I'd said, as a comparison. I'd further be most interested in comparisons with SWCC and SEABEE training, as well as dive phase comparisons to USAF pararescue (PJ) training. Finally, I'd read that NOAA Commissioned Corps apparently had an extensive dive program, I'd also read of one former combat vet who'd gone NOAA Corps, to their BOTC, their OCS program, ifyou or others might be interested, I could certainly try to find the link, though I don't know if its available any longer, hope all that was of interest, I'd be most eager to any thoughts, many thanks.

USCG joins in Navy Seal Program
USCG joins in Navy Seal Program



9:09 he call you a punk Don? lol



I swear to God I was a used car salesman. I graduated from POS Class 234, which graduated in March, 2001, out of BFE, California. I was assigned to Sales Team Six. Unfortunately, due to being hit in the head by a desktop name plate, I can't remember anyone in my POS class, nor anyone on Sales Team Six. I can send a copy of my DD-214 and my monster dot com resume to prove it, plus a photo of my "Sales Team Six" tattoo, if you want it. Please quit calling my campaign headquarters and telling my volunteers I was never a used car salesman. I'm running for congress, and need that in my resume. Thank you.
Truthfully,Elmer T. Bushbottom, Used Car Salesman (Ret.)"Elmer T. Bushbottom for U.S. Senate"


No Nick


You called him a lumpy fuck. lol



Come on down to wide track town. I have a got a little beauty with low miles and owned by the grandmother of a minister. We are right on the corner and right on the price! See ya here! "YA'LL THINK I'D LIE TO YOU?"





Why are all the fake seals big fat dumb pieces of crap?
Like, really... YOU are the one the government is keeping secret?
YOU were chosen for such secret OPs that there's no records???
And you turn out to be a used car salesman in Podunk, Texas? Surely that's your secret identity assignment now, right? Sworn to secrecy... except the fake tats and emblems you wear every day?
If you're so "top secret" and "classified," why not just keep your stupid, fat trap shut about it... you all look like special ed short bus riders. Obviously you were the Best of the Best - idiots.




what a stupid jackass why claim a class that was on TV lol ... these phony ever learn