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Navy SEALs 3 Extreme SEAL

February 24th, 2015 
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Navy SEALs 3 Extreme SEAL


JayBee84 avatar
JayBee84 said....  

at :46 is that instructor Pattstone on the right? still rockin the mustache

Goldenhour avatar
Goldenhour said....  

At 1:58 there is a man in crosshairs. ???

onmas avatar
onmas said....  

Is that Kuwait c '91 Ahmadi Oil field fires Don? Me too - Brit EOD with Red Adair!!

Grunt1152nd avatar
Grunt1152nd said....  

Aw a little Zombie to go with a cool ass adrenaline pumpn video. Senior Chief my buddys and I were always blastn Metal to get us pumped, not to mention I've played guitar and bass since I was 14 and love the genre haha, but I remember in Basic Training My head Drill Sgt. in the Army blasting this exact song in his office when Rob first came out with this album right before we were headed to a class at the range. Nothing special or a cool story with it but just even the little things you can remember to have are cool and I love the Army like you love the Navy. It was cool for a group of aspiring future grunts to have a taste of home life simply just to hear music period in Basic was a trip haha. We appreciate your hunting of retard stolen valor pieces of shit. Hooah Senior or in your case Hooyah! This website kicks ass! \m/

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