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Inbox Phony SEAL of the Week. A Twofer of Fake SEALs in Mogadishu

October 06th, 2018 
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Inbox Phony SEAL of the Week. A Twofer of Fake SEALs in Mogadishu. Many Thanks For The SUPPORT...


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Petraone said....  

Hey everyone, just subscribed to the site this afternoon with a 6-month subscription to start with. I got hooked by watching the videos still floating around YouTube that are anywhere from 7 to 2yrs old and wanted to not only be of some financial help but also see what I could learn as I never served in any branch of the USA's military. I was about to go though but was talked out of it at the last minute. My recruiter was a Marine Corp guy and I was adamant about going to San Antonio for Air Force boot camp. When he saw I wouldn't give in on my desire to join the USAF he, the recruiter, gets bent and starts asking me if I have ever even just tried any illegal drugs. As I just spent 3 months in rehab I said yes and he went on a rant about how the military takes drug use very seriously and that I would be dishonorably discharged or worse if they ever find out. Well, I was young, stupid, and scared to death of being dishonorably discharged. The Marine Corp recruiter guy probably meant well but there were some things I discovered a couple yrs later and it was this; since I was in and out the rehab hospital/facility prior to turning 18 yrs old all of the medical records of essentially being a minor are sealed like ALL other minors. Had I found that out sooner I would have gone ahead and taken the chance. Who knows? Perhaps I could have achieved my flying skills and then fly commercially after my time in the USAF. In any event, let me take a short moment to thank Don and his lovely wife Dianne for their individual and combined service and your family's overall commitment. I thank you all and ask God to bless you all as well.

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Here-for-a-month! said....  

Suspension doesn't worry this guy. He's been on double secret probation.

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cisco said....  

Can you show off your weapons, Senior?

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Cottonhill said....  

If you have a v device on a army comadation medal what do you do with to represent the other four you have

bridgechief avatar 12/04/2018

bridgechief replied....

I would wonder why your command never upgraded from one of the "V" to a Bronze Star, with a "V". The answer would be add them all, until ribbon is full.

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Boomer said....  

You need to fix the full screen, every time I try it I just a get a close up of a bad ass navy seal nose. Lol really though its messed up.

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