Going for another phony. The hunt begins. AGAIN.

Going for another phony. The hunt begins. AGAIN.

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SUP surfer


Keep up the awesome work as both of you are making a positive difference.

JW Smith


Hello. Thank goodness for your support, I believe in what your doing, my heart goes out to your goals, Doing all you can is enough. You need to spend time on your own life's. Love to watch and listen to everything you say . God bless..Thank you both from my heart ..



Yeah what JT said, Hey Jt down below me thats a dam good question. What about it don?



Is it possible to get feedback on these imposters after being exposed? For instance , the man who claimed to have killed a General and saw God. Is he still speaking at churches? How have the communities received the news of imposters in their midst? Do you check up on these fakes to make sure they have stopped their claims?




Nice, the money is yours to do with as you please. You're not expected to ear mark it for anything. The site content is great, better than I expected.



It's not easy to come up with the extra $10.00 a month, but I enjoy both of you so much it's a no brainer! I hope this affords you both with funds to go out and stop these pricks from making a fool out of themselves. This is great fun for me to watch the two of you make people do the right thing. It's almost more entertaining when they can't admit that they're liars and stay steadfast with a fabricated delusional story. I can't wait to see more. Thank you for being so fucking cool! I love watching you guys in action.....and thank you for being true to us! Keep on keeping on and please be safe.



I hereby authorize you to do as you wish with the funds you are afforded. I urge other members to do the same. I don't care if you never bust another phony. I'm behind you and your cause. Semper Fi!



On the description yesterday it said footage coming tonight, didn't it? Maybe I'm losing it! So excited to watch it!!!! Again, going crazy!!!! We love watching what it is you do to these clowns! But I'm pretty sure it said new footage tonight! Was I the only one salavating? Holy Moly! bring this phony to justice!!! Shit, my bad @Joeymac, you saw it too! Once more, May God bless this beautiful little girl. And send down an alien that ole Brockbrader saw in area 51 to finish him off. He is living in a tent!! Lmfao! What a complete douchebag! How will this aids infested fuck be able to pay for medicine? Who in their right mind would give this ASSHOLE a nickle?????????? He truly is a no good, lying pedophile loser with zero brains. I'll give good commissary money to the prisoner that takes "special care" of him when he's back in prison.



Ya`ll are awesome! Thanks for doing what you do.

MG Bacon


Everyone wants instant gratification. This is great entertainment, keep up the outstanding work outing the worst of the worst.

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