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February 25th, 2016 
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Don and Diane find the new home


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Jan T said....  

New video by WO Robbie

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DanO avatar 02/26/2016

DanO replied....

Great one too. See everyone next door.

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phony hater said....  

follow up to all AF vets:
do AF vets wear ANY patch on RIGHT shoulder of dress blue jacket or fatiques coat for any reason? now or since 1948? thanks

DanO avatar 02/26/2016

DanO replied....

Never on a blue service jacket. fatigues, perhaps but not allowed generally since right after the war.

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phony hater avatar 02/26/2016

phony hater replied....

I bring this up because, I knew a WWII Tank Destroyer vet, got out of army and went into AF by 1948. he wore his Tank Destroyer patch from WWII on his AF dress coat and Fatiques until he retired out of the AF in the 70's. I always hoped his widow would have given me his coat. he wore it to a TD reunion in 2004 that I attended. too cool

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Lilly1 avatar
Lilly1 said....  

Edso, great video! Poor Dennis, hope he is okay.I would agree with him made for great Utube!

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 Edso avatar
Edso said....  

Training continues pool time standard is now 1 hour swims in the morning 6 days a week. Road work changes today for boxing . 30 min speed and heavy bag x 6 days a week . Besides clearing up the delima with my medical. I want to be ready . Like the ESE shirt says ARE YOU READY ?

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redman avatar 02/26/2016

redman replied....

Edso is a badass

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je suis liberté avatar 02/26/2016

je suis liberté replied....


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CMB avatar 02/26/2016

CMB replied....

I can see the SLEP upgrades are being exceeded...more than impressive...the crackin is about to be released!!

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Edso, JimmyTwoTimes
DanO avatar
DanO said....  

Shout out to Captain Edso. 3 Sailors and a Girl's Bike on That Tube is a must see for ESE subscribers. Captain Edso isn't your normal super hero like Batman or Superman. He's real!

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Lazarus avatar 02/26/2016

Lazarus replied....

Hilarious DanO!! Didn't Captain Randy look like an Amish Earnest Hemmingway?? I hope Ole Captain Jimmy was okay, and Edso looks like a maniac!! Great form on the bike! That's how we big boys roll baby!! Literally!

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Lilly1, DanO, Fee, JimmyTwoTimes

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