Episode Two Phony SEAL Adventure. Robert Gilbert Phony SEAL

Robert Gilbert, a phony Navy SEAL, is a special education teacher at Hendersonville High School in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Teacher of the Year at one point, but we were told his Navy SEAL days in Vietnam had much to do with his hiring for that position.

Robert’s claims, told to children and numerous churches, were that he was a Navy SEAL Sniper in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Stories of killing Vietnamese Generals and men in hand to hand combat, Robert made the whole thing up.

Robert was a Damage Control Man in the Navy serving from 1966 until 1971. He was discharged as an E-5 and was awarded a National Defense Service Medal, his only award.

Robert served in Bainbridge, Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland and on the USS Everglades. He never served in South East Asia.

I would like to enquire about a Robert Gilbert - born 1946.  He claims to have been a Navy Seal in the mid -60s and was a sniper in Cambodia and Laos.  Claims to have killed an NVA general, killed people in hand to hand combat.   Said he received no medals because he was assigned to the CIA, and then went on to say that when he destroyed all his Vietnam nam era memorabilia that he gave his medals to the kid next door.  Robert is busy going around to churches in North Carolina tying his story into a story of finding God to very enthusiastic audiences, so I would like to know if he actually served as a seal back at the beginning of the program.


Sea Scouts were Boy Scouts in the Navy. They are now called Sea Cadets... Geez...

Sea Scouts are members of the international Scouting movement, with a particular emphasis on boating and water-based activities. These activities can be on the sea, rivers or lakes. Sea Scouts can provide a chance to sail, cruise on boats, learn navigation, learn how to work on engines and compete in regattas. Sea Scouts often have distinctive uniforms. In some countries or scout organizations, Sea Scouting is a program just for older Scouts.





Wow, this guy’s so full of shit, I think he believes his story!!! Even at the end he continues to claim the same thing!!! 

lid 55


He seems like he would be a nice guy in any other circumstances but come-on really? What a liar! Thank you Don Shipley for exposing this guy! I just don't even know how this guy could even look himself in the mirror in the morning after charging people $20.00 to listen to his BS stories. SAD!



Don is cuts an intimidating profile , that guy was shitting his pants



It really bothers me that some of the phonies did actually serve in military. But, later on fabricating ridiculous lies and stories of being a Seal. They should be have been happy they were able to serve in military. I have a disability and was not able to serve at all. If I was given an opportunity, I would have been proud just to be to be able to serve our country.




I admire you guys self control i dont necessarily need or want you to get in a jackpot dottin someones eye . Being measured and in control is important. Sure you will make your point online. Great job.



In his mind he is teaching being in the military is a bad thing.



what an ass. He has lied so much that is all he is.. without it he is nothing. so he can never admit it.
He should be happy just to be a "christian". What a piece of dung.

Lyle N


Great, didn't get to see that you went back to the church. Glad to see it.




I dont really get it..every time a young man goes at it in the front line there are hundreds behind him supplying what he needs..food...bullets..boats. They think if you get shot at THATS what makes you a soldier...BUT if you get shot at enough you want nothing more than to be behind the lines...strange




I for one do not like seeing SC worked up.I just for once want to see these guys give the full confession.
Owning it.In front of SC.Man to man,eye to eye.Just simply say,I'm sorry.I was a clown.I served my country honorably..but no one recognizes the supply Sgt from the eighties.Say that you was enamored by the respect;enjoying the way people treated you differently.Before you know it a couple of lies got out of hand and that you were completely responsible for it.Think about the name 'Facebook".Why do you think that was created?Twitter..Instagram,etc.It was for the common people to come out from the shadows and present themselves as 'somebody".I guess to give them some worth in this rollercoaster thing called life.
I think SC would have empathy for a person who just said "I stole the honor I did not deserve.I have to live with that.Then go out and do the things necessary to make it right again.Just a thought.