Defensor-FL said....  

Well, at least now he doesn't claim to be a SEAL any longer...just in support and of course working first hand with them.

I joined the Air Force and finished my degree. After joining the Airforce I became a PSC Gov Contractor at NSWC in support and working first hand with the Navy Seals at little creek Amphib base which gave me time to think. With that time, I knew it was time to find a way to fish in tournaments, and figure out the right path to reaching the ultimate goal of making this a full-time profession. I joined a local club and fished as a Co-Angler for a year then Fished as boater for 3 years before I started an FLW The Bass Federation Club with my buddy and became President.

Oh, and if he still has a webmaster to post his bio and such....they should be fired for that f'ing mess!!!!

Brain said....  

Good job folks.

BayAreaDeckApe said....  

Nice visor, weenie

Hunt said....  

Why is a cable network or Netflix picking this up as a full time show. I think this would be great stolen valor education for civilians. Keep up the great work Don, and thank you for your service.


aportos said....  

A marine can recite Battalion, Regiment and Division locations and the USMC is 220,000 strong.
So for the seals and each team being close to one hundred and so few teams. I can see a seal knowing immediately if another man claims to be one. Especially as seal move between teams during their time in service.