Velcro_Ninja said....  

I meant to give this video 5 stars but the rating system is messed up.
I always love these videos of you guys. Please keep sharing, for the many of us that cannot find themselves in such a loving relationship, it gives us hope.


Dymaedh said....  

Love this video, thank you and yours for the work you did and continue to do.

Hogan said....  

Late to the game here, fng here. You two are providing me with some laughs. Also an awareness of how prevalent stolen valor really is. My Grandfathers and Grandmothers came to this country from Ireland, Wales. BothGranfathers served. My father his three brothers all signed up after Pearl. One died on Saipan. My older brother served in Viet Namas did I. 2 of my Four sisters served, one. BM 2. a Golden Dragon, another in the army ferried troops, their meals to soldiers gaurding the strip in Korea. Service was expected of us and we obliged. Thanks for the great humor interspersed with routing out phony pricks.

USSSHIPLEY said....  

The best 10 bucks I have spent!! This is my favorite video... My dad was a tank driver during the Vietnam era, he never served in a hot zone , but he was always be proud of what he DID do and always told me "be proud of what YOU accomplish". I never served, but always I am proud of our Country and the men that protect us. I do have to say that this video is the epitome of what service wives and children sacrifice for duty and I love seeing the love in both of your eyes as you laugh at what must have been difficult times in your lives. I wish the Shipley's a lifetime of calm seas and winds to follow... God Bless and even after I have watched all the "phony SEALS" videos, I will continue to keep my subscription knowing it goes to a great cause! God Bless & GODSPEED! BB in the Hamptons!


Wasp said....  

I was off the coat of Vietnam never got to go home for Christmas .