Debrief Stanley Szuber, Rumor Control, Wayne the Camera Guy and Muj steals Michon's Chicken Breast.

Debrief Stanley Szuber, Rumor Control, Wayne the Camera Guy, Diane the Drunk and Muj steals Michon’s Chicken Breast.

What more can you ask for?


Thanks for joining, Guys and Gals. It means a lot...




A TV show would not be the same, It would not be Chief and Diane, they would cut so much out of the real Shipley's. It would be more Hollywood not D & D. The media coverage Stolen Valor gets is enough.



Y'all are just awesome. Keep it up

Glenn L.


Take your time and get your batteries recharged. Your extended service to this country is very much appreciated!



You know, I'm kinda glad that you're not going Hollywood with this thing. Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE for y'all to get rich and famous and for the whole wide world to see what you guys do, but having some experiences with reality t.v. and how that whole deal works, the problem would be that the whole wide world wouldn't *really* get to see what y'all do because the minute you get a bunch of fingers in the pie, guaranteed they would fuck up what makes your videos so great! Y'all would have to measure every single word and you couldn't call these assholes that you bust "phonies" or "fakes" because that would be perceived by some dillweed as insensitive and hurtful. There'd be all kinds of problems with your approach because dollars to donuts, the high-powered lawyers would be changing everything up to avoid big potential lawsuits. They would start setting up the scenarios that *they* envision and the stuff you do that is naturally entertaining and exciting would wind up not being nearly as good as what you guys produce on your own. Worst of all, everything you say would be "scripted" by dorks who don't have any idea of who you guys really are and pretty soon, you'd be saying things that didn't sound remotely like anything you'd say. In short, someone else could NEVER put out the excellent quality that you do on your own. I always loved the Youtube videos, but this site is so beyond awesome! Everyone can tell what a labor of love it is for you and in turn, I think I can speak for most of us subscribers when I say that we love your personal touch and getting to know you, your friends and family through all the different segments you've created. Nobody has any doubt that whatever you do, it will always be done with integrity and care. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Thank you, Diane and Don for all you do - you guys ROCK! (Even if Diane is drunk by 6 a.m. - haha!)



@S2H, You are the fucking man bro!!! GO BLUE!!!



I just love you guys to bits! I'm not aggravated waiting I'm just excited to see you two own those douchebags!



@CHADWRIGHT27: Very nice post. I believe you hit the nail directly on the head. These are good folks, true folks, if we could all try to emulate the Shipley's in each aspects of our lives, I think the world would be a better place. I'm not a mushy guy or a sentimental by nature but I am approaching my 19 year wedding anniversary this summer, and it is very nice to see the way Don and Diane look at one another, and such. I don't know, I just think that's what true love and two folks growing a wee bit older together should look like, it is just genuine.



I hope everyone is reading me 5 by 5 for this message because the content is important. First, let me express just how much I love these two. It's more than I could ever put into words. I can promise you the real character of a person shows itself when the spotlight is turned off. Most of y'all will never know how truly selfless these two wonderful people really are with their time and resources. Lots of folks will perform "random" acts of kindness when there is an audience and their "good works" can be highlighted and documented for personal gain. This doesn't diminish the importance or the generosity of good deeds. Everyone likes a pat on the back and lots of "atta boys". However, the Shipleys do some of their most important work that truly impacts the lives of real people very quietly when there is virtually no chance of recognition beyond those directly affected and their families. How much is it worth to give someone hope when they need it the most? I can't properly answer that question, but it transcends any dollar amount. Don and Diane selflessly help strangers when all the chips are down. I hope someday I will be able to affect lives as powerfully and dramatically as the two of them. I have been a school administrator most of my professional life and my personal contributions seem very small and unimportant by comparison. Yes, I feel good about some instances when I think I made a difference in a child's life. However, the power and influence Don and Diane have is truly life changing.
In closing, I hope I have been able to communicate how wise and generous the Shipleys actually are in situations that can change lives. When it comes to these wonderful videos they make with Wayne for our enjoyment, don't whine or second guess production or situational decisions. The work they are doing, outing phonies, is more important than simple entertainment for us. Yes, it is entertainment or we would all just donate $10 a month to fund the hunts and there would be no need for all the extra work that goes into Extreme Seal Videos. Please let Don and Diane's wisdom speak for itself.
Much love and respect to these two saints. God sometimes uses some surprising folks to do his work. I don't think it is a coincidence at all that this last Phony Seal Captain got his at Church!



Hands down, best 10 bucks I spend. Not only does it support two terrific people, but the videos alone are more then worth it.



Boomer Sooner!

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