You are here - Debrief Stanley Szuber, Rumor Control, Wayne the Camera Guy and Muj steals Michon's Chicken Breast.

Debrief Stanley Szuber, Rumor Control, Wayne the Camera Guy and Muj steals Michon's Chicken Breast.

May 20th, 2015 
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Debrief Stanley Szuber, Rumor Control, Wayne the Camera Guy, Diane the Drunk and Muj steals Michon’s Chicken Breast.

What more can you ask for?


Thanks for joining, Guys and Gals. It means a lot...


harborseal avatar
harborseal said....  

A TV show would not be the same, It would not be Chief and Diane, they would cut so much out of the real Shipley's. It would be more Hollywood not D & D. The media coverage Stolen Valor gets is enough.

Cora avatar
Cora said....  

Y'all are just awesome. Keep it up

Glenn L. avatar
Glenn L. said....  

Take your time and get your batteries recharged. Your extended service to this country is very much appreciated!

Snoopsister avatar
Snoopsister said....  

You know, I'm kinda glad that you're not going Hollywood with this thing. Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE for y'all to get rich and famous and for the whole wide world to see what you guys do, but having some experiences with reality t.v. and how that whole deal works, the problem would be that the whole wide world wouldn't *really* get to see what y'all do because the minute you get a bunch of fingers in the pie, guaranteed they would fuck up what makes your videos so great! Y'all would have to measure every single word and you couldn't call these assholes that you bust "phonies" or "fakes" because that would be perceived by some dillweed as insensitive and hurtful. There'd be all kinds of problems with your approach because dollars to donuts, the high-powered lawyers would be changing everything up to avoid big potential lawsuits. They would start setting up the scenarios that *they* envision and the stuff you do that is naturally entertaining and exciting would wind up not being nearly as good as what you guys produce on your own. Worst of all, everything you say would be "scripted" by dorks who don't have any idea of who you guys really are and pretty soon, you'd be saying things that didn't sound remotely like anything you'd say. In short, someone else could NEVER put out the excellent quality that you do on your own. I always loved the Youtube videos, but this site is so beyond awesome! Everyone can tell what a labor of love it is for you and in turn, I think I can speak for most of us subscribers when I say that we love your personal touch and getting to know you, your friends and family through all the different segments you've created. Nobody has any doubt that whatever you do, it will always be done with integrity and care. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Thank you, Diane and Don for all you do - you guys ROCK! (Even if Diane is drunk by 6 a.m. - haha!)

Lazarus avatar
Lazarus said....  

@S2H, You are the fucking man bro!!! GO BLUE!!!

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