heather said....  

My lab has some of the attributes that all 3 of yours has. We live in Hawaii and have wild chickens and egrets in our backyard year round, Tucker always catches at least 2-3 a week. It just kills my girls, they're such animal lovers. He barks all the way to town and back. Your dogs are lucky and get to ride inside the truck but Tuck is unruly when he's in the cab so he's denied access. And last but not least, he gets loaves of bread off the counter, takes it into my room and eats the whole things. Leaves the packaging on my floor. He's such a little shit...but a I love him to death

Lawdawg715 said....  

Diane, I have a pair of Sanduk;s I have had for 10 years for daily wear....I got them when I moved to Hawaii and they have formed to my foot and agree, they are the best!

TheOsprey said....  

If I ever had water in my ear from swimming I learned from my mom to pour in some alcohol. It makes a strange sound and voila, no more water in the ear.

Rick said....  

New Video!!!

Chuck golf :2/26th mar said....  

Oops. Blue. Bloods. On. Switching. To. Lurking. Mode. !