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BUSTED... Target Two Secured...

September 14th, 2015 
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BUSTED... Target Two Secured...
We BUSTED our Primary Target tonight. SEAL Team Six, Master Chief, 1000 confirmed kills, 100 knife kills, 4 Navy Crosses, 3 ’unclassified’ Purple Hearts and a Medal of Valor what ever the shit that is and he rolled like a little girl when confronted. Full episodes as soon as I get back to Virginia... Mine and Diane’s VERY BEST to the Army Aviators who recognized us in the airport tonight and are heading into harms way. We posed for pictures with them and hope they return home safely and quickly to their loved ones. GO ARMY... 


Kb avatar
Kb said....  

Can anyone help me find more videos of don confronting in person. All i see is him doing it over the phone. Please anyone inlove these vids want to see more

Crazy Cajun  avatar
Crazy Cajun said....  

Lmao. He looks just like Manson. Dianne is a firecracker. I hope she never comes after me. I'd get on my knees and beg for mercy

JW and Lisa Slonaker avatar
JW and Lisa Slonaker said....  

WOW... that sumbitch DOES look like Manson does... I mean did.... F 'em BOTH!

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NWTopCop avatar
NWTopCop said....  

"We Love You, Charlie!" (Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Leslie Van Houten enter court in 1969).

breezyjr avatar
breezyjr said....  

Holy hell.. he does look like Manson...

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