You are here - Bill Brockbrader is BACK for another beating. Dam you dum, Bill.

Bill Brockbrader is BACK for another beating. Dam you dum, Bill.

May 10th, 2015 
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Bill Brockbrader is BACK for another beating. Dam you dum, Bill.


Combat-corpsman avatar
Combat-corpsman said....  

I made a video to get bill some more attention. He molested an innocent little girl and for him to say the shit he does and puff himself up like he does really gets under my skin

Watch on Youtube
Watch on Youtube

Skipper avatar
Skipper said....  

He's so transparent. He's screaming "PLEASE STOP DON"!

Ed Fouche avatar
Ed Fouche said....  

My friend and yours, Dan B and I took a shot from a BIG bottle of JD, just like you. Sorry to see the ENSE go away. Happy you are doing the new format. I joined and had the chance to talk to your beautiful wife and extremely funny person, the other day when I joined, 'May the force be with you' channel. Ed Fouche - Author

Darrell avatar
Darrell said....  

you crack me up shipley, so does your wife dianne, we get it. love the skits in the window you added. that's hat brockbrader does for his courage. sick him.

ShotInTheDark71 avatar
ShotInTheDark71 said....  

Bill Brockbrader, aka Bill Wood, William Newell Brockbrader Phony Navy SEAL, Fake Navy SEAL, Liar, Hoaxer, Fraud Stolen Valor, Pedophile !!! William N Brockbrader Registration Details Last Known Address: 4120 WISTERIA WAY, BOISE, ID 83713-2684
Bill Brockbrader Current Home Address. Although he's living in the yard this Is his current address and his address is a matter of public record and ha to be updated if he moves by Law. Absolute Proof of Bill lies here's his testimony recorded under oath Bills own words. Video Title She was 12. Bill Brockbrader UNDER OATH Part ONE. Not a SEAL, No Area 51, No Middle East.

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