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Big Biker Phony SEAL. I hate those Clowns...

September 27th, 2015 
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Big Biker Phony SEAL. I hate those Clowns...FULL EPISODE SOON...

Got him in New Orleans just by luck and it came close to getting out of control from so many of my students wanting their 2-cents from that Clown. It went on for a good while and it ain’t over yet as we plan on paying him a visit to his place of employment on Friday with the Class.

Better yet... SEAL Warrant Officer Robbie Robertson was with me. Robbie had some choice words as well...

Big Pussy...


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ScarabChris said....  

This is the video that made me a fan of the Shipley crew. Saw this on YT a while back and been watching Don's videos almost compulsively since.


Well the " Hells Lovers" for starters is a pretty lame name, 2ndly is far from the only multi cultural 1%er club
Lastly that isn't a 1%er club a true one preventer club is a 3 pice patch club,
Top (club name)
Center (club emblem)
Bottom is the state in witch you reside

This dude is a lame from start to finish

rotex29 avatar
rotex29 said....  

Anybody know why the entire version of this is no longer here? Been looking and it seems to be gone. Its on Youtube but not here....

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NONFRAT said....  

I love this video and saw the full version on YouTube which made me join. Great to see Robbie again and it pierced my soul when he said "you don't know because you are not used to this" pointing at his skin color. That's why these clowns need to be exposed.

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Drdan said....  

Difficult to debate a jackass when all he says is, "Check it out" as a retort. Don checks people out, confronts them and exposes them, all in a matter of factly way. Don is a pro, and an entertaining one at that. This guy in the very least will be exposes for what he is...

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