Mark said....  

What a friggin shitweasel. "What should I do today? Oh, I know.. I'll go to the guy's house who probably exposed more phony military personnel than anybody and bullshit him about my service! I'll show up earlier, like 3 hours earlier than everybody because that looks good and he will like me. I'll put SEAL shit on my vehicle and park smack dab in his driveway!"

Gishie said....  

This website is the best 10 dollars I've ever spent. Thank you for all of the videos!

Joeymac said....  

I really appreciate how the Shipley's treat their animals. Being an animal lover is a very particular thing- my girlfriend and I always say, if we became extremely rich, the first thing we would do would be to rescue every animal we could get our hands on and set up an animal sanctuary. Watching several of these videos, it appears Don is similar minded and Muj in particular was rescued- so well done and much much respect!


riffraff81 said....  

I woulda kept it to myself, let him start a special "classified" course, designed by and for men of war. Really heavy top secret Pentagon Situation Room type shit. Make him platoon leader and instill the importance of leading by example. Then sabotage his fuckin repelling rigging to look like operator error, making him an example of what NOT TO DO. Phony cause of death, for a phony nutsack. Proly bought a purple heart everytime he was outted. At least then, he'd get some blood ON them, since he didn't spill any on the ground and earn them. You could block his gun barrel, or just fuckin' frag his ass, call it good,and go to breakfast. War is hell.

Snoopsister said....  

So, what? Being outed once wasn't enough for this dork? Good grief! What a glutton for punishment! Freak.