You're Not Gonna Like Whats Comming Up Next. You're Gonna Think It Sucks. And White Buffalo Season Begins Tomorrow.

You’re Not Gonna Like Whats Comming Up Next. You’re Gonna Think It Sucks. And White Buffalo Season Begins Tomorrow. 24 minute mark. Many Thanks For The SUPPORT...




I don't buy any of it. He would have kept going if not for being outted. By offering the free shit he is trying to glorify himself. All I hear is poor me. He built a business for himself off of the blood of others.



Not sure how I came across you the other day but now I'm addicted! Not trying to blow too much smoke but your ability to tell a story is phenomenal. A bit like an edgy Andy Griffith. Thanks for what you do plus making it extremely entertaining.



Maybe he can get the Nigerians in shape.Help them out with some supplements or some chit.I'd give him their number.Skogg's a scam artist.No soup for him.



The type of person that would capitalize on a lie like that will take advantage of anything. We all know those people don't change. I think you know that Don but you deal with so much crap each day you're looking for a bright spot or a positive with this guy. I feel like he's simply trying to turn a negative into a positive for continued self gain, there is no such thing as bad publicity.



When he said good riddance to his friends who didn't stick by him and called them "dick heads", this gave him up. He just want's to feel better about himself is what this is about. Don't get used Don. He isn't sincere.

Lyle N


I defer to your good judgment Don.



Fuck him.



Tough call on this phony whom is trying to come clean after what 4 years?? He does sound sincere at certain times however why didn't he start his show off with coming clean instead of waiting 24 minutes into a 50 minute program.

For a person that doesn't listen to his show I am thankful that you let us know what the time stamp was so that I didn't have to listen to him for too long. He honestly sounds like a spoiled brat whom got caught with his hand in the candy jar and it wasn't his fault for having his hand in their.

Let the spoiled kid think that he has made a mends and then remind him that he still screwed the pooch really bad and that if he has done it once before he could be doing it once more however not being a SEAL




I'd let his public apologies stew around awhile.... Don't do anything he asks for a bit.... maybe even ignore his calls just break contact with him and see how he reacts.....if the old skogg comes out or he gets angry then forget it no chance...the real him will show good or bad when things don't go his way right away. Maybe even have a few boys call in and bust his balls see how he is when shit gets a little ruff then make your decision



A couple of things from my observations. First, I think it is strange that he stated "He did me wrong" describing how he felt he was treated by you Don. It would have made more sense had he stated it some like "looking back I believed he was doing me wrong", but how he stated it to me sounds as if he still believes that to be the case. Second, I am in agreement that it is too soon to be proclaiming loyalty to a veterans charitable organization, as good and noble as it may be. I believe he would be better off taking baby steps in his philanthropic endeavors. He should let the veterans organizations seek him out. This is a classic case of the pendulum swing too quickly and far in the opposite direction. I am not going to question his sincerity, but the term "trust but verify" is ringing in my ears...


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