DJP said....  

I don't buy any of it. He would have kept going if not for being outted. By offering the free shit he is trying to glorify himself. All I hear is poor me. He built a business for himself off of the blood of others.

ChasRunyon said....  

Not sure how I came across you the other day but now I'm addicted! Not trying to blow too much smoke but your ability to tell a story is phenomenal. A bit like an edgy Andy Griffith. Thanks for what you do plus making it extremely entertaining.

MMastin said....  

Maybe he can get the Nigerians in shape.Help them out with some supplements or some chit.I'd give him their number.Skogg's a scam artist.No soup for him.

2ndsupporter said....  

The type of person that would capitalize on a lie like that will take advantage of anything. We all know those people don't change. I think you know that Don but you deal with so much crap each day you're looking for a bright spot or a positive with this guy. I feel like he's simply trying to turn a negative into a positive for continued self gain, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

TECHNICIAN said....  

When he said good riddance to his friends who didn't stick by him and called them "dick heads", this gave him up. He just want's to feel better about himself is what this is about. Don't get used Don. He isn't sincere.