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We hate disapointments

June 10th, 2017 
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Don and Diane prepare for Warrior but things just don’t work out


thedonald2011 avatar
thedonald2011 said....  

This makes me mad as a wet hornet!!

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preschool teacher said....  

I'm sorry, and maybe it works out for the best, but...even if it was a donation, isn't it somewhat criminal to allow a nonprofit foundation to prepare for something you have no intention of delivering? I guess you can't force someone to give you anything- but, what the hell would the payoff be to get you pumped up and then not deliver on the dog? I'm so sorry that happened to you guys. Do you even know if there was a dog to begin with?

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Cigar  avatar
Cigar said....  

Wow.. Damn it.. There are a lot of eastern shore training groups around.. Call Joyce and start here Great People

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Bullshitter avatar
Bullshitter said....  

I'm so sorry 😐 we always think people will treat us the same way we treat them and those are the biggest damn disappointments 😑 UGH

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redeyedmd avatar
redeyedmd said....  

Sorry to hear Dian. Better days ahead, this will work out some way somehow.

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