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We are back on track

April 17th, 2017 
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Back to doing what we love


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Hollywood5662 said....  

It's about time that dickhead was put away!!!

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Joe45014 said....  

I tend to drop in and out, with months in between sometimes. My wife and I are Don and Diane fans to say he VERY least. MANY times we have spent an evening watching these videos. I am half embarrassed to confess, I was not aware this situation had gotten this bad. My business partner passed 3 years ago, and my niece one year ago. I own three retail stores, and have some other business interests, so I understand how life can seem like a massive, endless, wave falling on you. If it would just STOP you could get up. However, there was not a moment since I joined here, nor will there be, that I wouldn't contribute immediately to a legal fund, or do ANYTHING else I could to help. You two have given us a great deal, and its FAR more than the membership fee covers I assure you. I'm nobody, but I bet there are a LOT of guys like me here who truly care, but get sidetracked with their own issues. I hope you two NEVER AGAIN have occasion to even have to refer to HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED!

Wtf avatar
Wtf said....  

It's all good guys, keep it moving 👍

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desweds avatar
desweds said....  

Don. Diane. You have and you are fighting the good fight. What you are doing is right and good. Stay the course.

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Engineman said....  

Hopefully he gets suprise morning sex everyday for that 2 years

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