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June 30th, 2017 
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Redman  Hef83  CMB  Navyspook  and JanT  donated a beautiful Guitar
in Honor of our good friend and supporter Dennis AKA Telecaster


WRECKED 1 avatar
WRECKED 1 said....  

Hello, My name is John and a recent member. I love what you guys do can you point me in the right direction to donate money .

Fyrslyr avatar
Fyrslyr said....  

Diane, sorry about your knee. What you described is exactly what my wife is in need of too. You and Don are the best. Take care God bless. John aka fyrslyr.

Babaloui avatar
Babaloui said....  

Nice cut away standard!!! I was expecting to see an actual "Telecaster" watching the first part of the video but it's still a very nice guitar. You would do well not to leave it out of the case as a display if you want it to last. If your property has a lot of fluctuations in humidity the top will expand and contract and the binding will loosen up. Pretty soon it will look like a something that went through a shore leave bar fight, If you want to have it around a long time, consider it a very expensive cigar and keep it in the "Humidor"(case) with the brass plaque on the case as well. Telecaster would be proud.....for a long, long time.

TELECASTER said....  

I have no words to describe how very touched we are. I wish so much we had gotten more involved with all of you before this happened. Dennis actually has a guitar that looks just like this and he loved playing and singing. I will post some videos of him playing soon. I don't honestly know what to say, I have never met a finer group of people in my life, yall have been so wonderful. Redman Hef83 CMB Navyspook and JanT , I don't know yall but I appreciate what you have done and I know Tele would have loved it. Diane I hope you feel better and you have little to no pain in your knee and leg. I would love to one day come and meet you and Don, Dennis thought there was noone any better then you two. I guess I sound like I am rambling again, but I am just at a loss for words . I have never known such thoughtful people, but Dennis told me "Sherry I have met the best group of people in the world " and yall made him so happy. Much Love, Sherry, Staci, Jake Nathan, and Holden.

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redman avatar 07/04/2017

redman replied....

looking forward to your videos of Dennis playing guitar Sherry, thank you..

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Jan T avatar 07/04/2017

Jan T replied....

As Redman said, we will look forward to the videos of Dennis. Please know that you are welcome to come ramble any time you want. We are here for you.

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redman, TELECASTER, Fyrslyr
TheOsprey avatar
TheOsprey said....  

My mother had a knee replacement where they did the whole joint but an 82 year old friend of my uncle had just new/synthetic cartilage put in his knees. About six weeks later he was back to operating tractors and backhoes as well as maintaining his rental properties. He said the doctors told him the synthetic cartilage was good for 20-25 years IIRC.

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