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Warrior. Not exactly the Energizer Bunny in the morning.

July 18th, 2017 
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Warrior. Not exactly the Energizer Bunny in the morning. Many thanks for the Support...


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MrsCop said....  

Warrior is looking less and less like a Toddler and more like a little ol' kid. He is very intelligent. You're doing great work with him. He loves you and wants to learn to please you more than anything.

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Fee said....  

17:40 Friday. Just checking in to let you know I haven't fallen off the planet......yet. I hope everyone is having a lovely day and a brilliant weekend. Loads of things going on here that I'll fill you all in on down the track. Major love and hugs to all my ESA Family❣️

TheOsprey avatar
TheOsprey said....  

The only time I saw the dogs in left in a car while it was "warm" out the driver side window was half way or even further down. Dogs are family. I have one that pisses in the house because she just doesn't feel like getting off her ass and going outside. She does have cataracts and is hard of hearing but if she catches a glimpse of a cat or squirrel she's off to the races. It isn't a mobility thing...I think she's just a bitch...but I love her. BTW, shes the red dog in my avatar. Her name is Gretchen and I call her a bitch to her face.

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bobbyd AMS1 avatar
bobbyd AMS1 said....  

Thats one fine looking animal. I bet he's real soft. He's going to make a fine hunting dog have you exposed his to gunfire yet?

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PARANAH avatar
PARANAH said....  

Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. America and all the Ships at sea!!!

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