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February 06th, 2017 
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Stolen Valor, Phony SEALs, and everything else MILITARY.
Please share around to your pages guys....Thank you, Don and Diane


TECHNICIAN said....  

You guys are the greatest. After a long hard week dealing with dick heads and lawless assholes, it's refreshing to sit down and catch up.

BobVH avatar
BobVH said....  

Diane of course we like it. Seems like I've been with you and Don for years now and it just keeps getting better. Plus it helps that we are watching two of the very best American Patriots ever. You are both great people. Please keep it up. I personally feel privileged to be allowed just to be on here.

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Cloyd avatar 02/09/2017

Cloyd replied....

You're right Mr. BobVH. I too feel like I've been with them for year, like old friends. As long as this site is here, I'll do what I can to support them. Endless videos with great replay-ability.

BUDS131 avatar
BUDS131 said....  

Hey guys....just made stripper and hush puppies for Senior. Calling for snow tomorrow and we've been in T- Shirts all day! Weird weather for February Diane

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Hef83 avatar 02/07/2017

Hef83 replied....

Fried potatoes? gotta have fried potatoes

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Devildog327 avatar 02/07/2017

Devildog327 replied....

Same here Diane, we are 70 degrees today in East TN and calling for snow on Thursday!

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phony hater said....  

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phony hater avatar 02/07/2017

phony hater replied....

of course one could say about these two: a dick and a dick show too.

Hef83 avatar
Hef83 said....  

short clip of Robert on his sniping ability

Greatest BS Story Ever
Greatest BS Story Ever

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redman avatar 02/07/2017

redman replied....

only one in five who claim to be Vietnam vets actually are

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Edso, JimmyTwoTimes, bridgechief
US Infantryman  avatar 02/07/2017

US Infantryman replied....

I went thru a sniper course given by US Army SF...We were all reg infantry but our LT was 10th SF 10 yrs before going to OCS. Was nice having a platoon leader that was prior enlisted and a SF long tabber. We used M21s which was a m14 conversion with a scope..this was 1981..I never saw a single shot .50cal , only until the mid 80s did we see this type of weapon. Oh and I wasn't SF or an SF sniper just was lucky to participate in one of their courses. The site he placed this on is a NEw York state historical site...they have interviewed many New York service men and woman. I hope they don't take this as legit...I know Don would say Knock his teeth down his throat but he's got none 😂

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JimmyTwoTimes, JulieO
Hef83 avatar 02/07/2017

Hef83 replied....

North Vietnam put a bounty of $30,000 on Carlos Hathcock. Robert must have meant 100,000 Dong

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redman, Devildog327
US Infantryman  avatar 02/07/2017

US Infantryman replied....

He's a dong alright..

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NavySpook, Devildog327
bridgechief avatar 02/07/2017

bridgechief replied....

I have two Sniper friends, and this guy is full of bull shit, anyone who believes him is smoking crack. My last Battalion our Marine Cadre Battalion Gunny (military tactics adviser) was a Marine sniper and he talked about Gunny Hathcock and his two shot over 2,500 yards that killed a Vietcong officer. This was the longest shot before 2002 and now 2006. The shot he made was with a M2 50 cal machine-gun platform with a scope and he was not the only one to use that as a sniper shot, how ever it was not the norm. They have a mock up at their school house and photos of it.

Now all that being said this guy is full of bull shit and lying ass hole. The Gunny in my Battalion is a good friend, and we retired out of that Battalion around the same time, after our last deployment to Afghanistan. He is a survival instructor and modest doesn't talk about shooting that much.

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US INFANTRY-Hound Dog-, redman, JimmyTwoTimes
CMB avatar 02/07/2017

CMB replied....

His friend was HARVEY....a subset of the "i" numbers...eagle eyes my ass!!

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