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June 27th, 2015 
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Today Show Phony


Hogan avatar
Hogan said....  

Fuckin pussy. I dont get how you can " buy" all these award decorations. Pisses me off.

element235 avatar
element235 said....  

This slug this coward we should all get together and pick one day of the year like the 4th of July and make that a fucking Poser holiday and PURGE these scumbags and mount their pin heads on the wall!
Oh my cheap ass broke down and paid the $10.00 so quit fucking whining on utube it's the best $10 I drank oh I mean spent you guys rock I don't know how you do it I put these assholes in a choke hold quicker than a duck on a june bug hehe

mdlovin avatar
mdlovin said....  

His SFC rank is upside down and the NAME / US ARMY are switched.
Looks like the company got everything wrong.

Mykemyk avatar
Mykemyk said....  

As if its not enough that these bafoons lie about being the military or their service, they have the nerve to get angry and violent when they are confronted about it. I'd like to "take my finger and push it in their eye as hard as I fuckin can"

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Pawnee68 avatar
Pawnee68 said....  

Love the reporters upside down

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Mitz79 avatar 06/17/2017

Mitz79 replied....

What? His rank is not upside down!

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