Hogan said....  

You got nothing to prove to anyfuckinbody, i will tell you that if i never saw another phony Seal video. I have through this site learned about your and Dianes outstanding work for these wounded Vets and their family's. Your generosity, commitment, to giving those warriors of all branches a " break" some fishin, huntin, brotherhood. I didnt really know about your Training program until i got on this site. The pictures of those young men, some not so young, expressed some joy that only comes from adversity and overcoming it. I am so ...fed up with a legal system that allows good folks to be tied up emotionally, financialy, i share your disgust. You, your wife, are salt of the earth, much respect for you and yours. Again, i actually believe that when it comes to outing these phony's , you have a job that "you love to hate" , fuck these negative bastards. You have a loyal , respectful , "all in " followers, that trust you, your wife. I bloviated, sorry but i mean this shit from the heart.

Lawdawg715 said....  

Fuck Bill Bernath....... I wish I was near enough to his grave to piss on it.... I hope he died a slow death... Sorry, that guy....

CrocodileDunny said....  

Come to Australia people. Were not caught up in the global policatal corectness that everyone else seems to be. Ill have a beer or a coffee with a rainbow coloured sheman who identifies as a red kangaroo as long as that human pays me the same courtesy as I give them.


Farmer said....  

New subscriber, enjoying the content, thank you for your efforts and love to the Veteran community.

Gerry said....  

You're good people with the talent and tenacity most people can only imagine. You've got a lot to look forward to.